50 Best Cheese Blogs on the Web

Mmm…cheese! Who doesn’t love it? Even hardcore vegans know there’s almost nothing in the world like cheese. Sure, health nuts try to reinvent the sumptuous food with soy or rice milk, but nothing satisfies like a nugget of real cheese made from milk. It may not be the food you can indulge in around the clock, but it can definitely amp up a boring salad or sandwich.

These blogs and websites are devoted to teaching you more about cheese than just what it tastes like. From cheese & wine blogs to sites that tell you how to melt individual types of cheeses, you’ll surely be hankering for a cheesy snack by the time you get to our 50th entry.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About Cheese

Learning about cheeses is a hobby that’s easy to embrace. After all, who doesn’t love learning (and tasting) the differences between buttery and salty cheeses? These blogs and websites will show you the best of cheese.

    1. CurdNerds This is the one-stop blog for all things cheesy. Learn about cheese makers, dairy food science and more.

    2. Cheese Get the 101 on cheese, including textures and tastes that might appeal to you.

    3. All You Need is Cheese Whether you want to explore the accessible or the fancy side of cheese, this site has it all packed into one blog that will keep you busy.

    4. Food Science – University of Guelph Want to know the nitty gritty on cheese? This site breaks down the delicious snack in a scientific way7.

    5. Cheese Underground Cheese lessons from a blogger who was”raised on Velveeta” and now has seen the light. She primarily blogs on cheeses from Wisconsin, so you know it’s good stuff.

    6. Cheese Forum Pull up a chair and chat with fellow cheese lovers. The community on this site is always eager to point newbies in the right direction when learning about cheeses.

    7. Cheese Poet This blogger provides an intense look at cheeses, giving newcomers insight on what makes various cheeses so different from each other (the milk, pasteurization process and more). It’s a must-read for every cheese lover.

    8. Cheese and Champagne It’s nearly a cheese a day reviewed at this blog, which breaks down the notes a cheese hits. The blog also has pairing suggestions.

    9. It’s Not You, It’s Brie This blog is just as brilliant as its name and delves into the science of cheese. From events to book recommendations, it’s a smart blog for learning about cheese.

    10. Madame Fromage Among seasoned cheese lovers, this blog is a favorite. The writer’s from Wisconsin, so you know she has quality picks when recommending a cheese.

    11. How to Learn About Cheese – Affordable Gourmet Food Is being a cheese junkie an accessible hobby? Yes! Learn how to get to know cheese, tell the salty from the buttery and go easy on your wallet as you take on this delicious new hobby.

    12. Cheesemaking Help For those who want to learn how cheese is made or explore how to smoke provolone, this blog walks you through how the experts are doing it and also keeps you updated on cheese news and events in the industry.

    13. So You Want to Be a Cheesemaker? This blogger started his cheesemaking career in Wisconsin and has traveled the globe, improving his craft. If you’re into the work that goes behind creating a perfect cheese, this is the place to be.

    14. Cheese is Alive History lessons in cheese, including why some smell terrible, yet taste amazing.

    15. Cheese Boutique Go along for the ride as this blogger explores the fascinating world of cheese all over the world. While this is a great blog for learning about cheese, those already in-the-loop will appreciate the blogger’s knowledge and tidbits shared about cheese.

Cheese & Wine Blogs

Pairing cheese and wine doesn’t have to be a guessing game. These cheese blogs and websites are your go-to sources on the web for hosting a cocktail hour in style.

    16. Cheese and Champagne Indulge yourself with this amazing cheese blog that gives recommendations for wines, champagnes and other ways to dress up your cheese.

    17. Undertaking Wine For cheese addicts who already know their flavors, this wine blog is an essential read to find the right pairing.

    18. The Wine and Cheese Place This blog is for those already in-the-know with cheeses, and has an extensive list of wines and cheeses even the seasoned cheese lover should try.

    19. Fromage Bob This blog provides in-depth reviews of cheeses and wines, aiming for affordable picks that the regular Joe can enjoy.

    20. Christopher’s Wine and Cheese If you’re just exploring the world of wine and cheese, this blog is a great place to start. The recommendations are accessible, which is a huge plus if you’re in a rural area.

    21. Make Wine and Cheese With Me This blogger ditched her corporate gig and is traveling to learn two fabulous trades – wine and cheese making! She’s an inspiration and her blog is witty and informative for learning about both subjects.

    22. Fork and Bottle This blog no longer publishes, but it’s a fantastic resource for those looking to enjoy cheese with wine or in stellar recipes. Whether you’re already familiar with pairings or are just learning the basics, this is the blog to check out.

    23. Wine Food Pairing From attending events to suggesting pairings for entertaining, this blog goes the distance and discusses exotic picks from all over the world.

    24. Wine Blog This blog is packed with pairing information from professionals, making it a source you can trust. Plus, there are picks for all price ranges.

    25. A Thimble of Cheese If you have a wine and aren’t sure what to pair it with, let this blog be your guide to finding something that will work. There are plenty of cheese reviews allowing you to peruse which may suit your drink.

    26. I Make Cheese This home cheesemaker writes this fantastic blog that will get your taste buds moving. The wine picks are just as good and will have you hankering for a treat every time you stop by to read.

    27. Brooklyn Guy Loves Wine This is one of the go-to wine sources on the web and has pairing tips and restaurant reviews along with wine chatter. It’s a blog that’s updated often, so be sure to check back for learning more on cheese and wine.

    28. Wine Anorak This wine blog is ideal for the cheese lover who already knows what cheeses they love and has the basics of wine down, making it easy to peruse the recommendations on the site.

    29. Wine and Cheese Blog This blog puts pairings front and center, and links to various resources for wine and cheese events going on in the U.S.

Recipes for Cooking with Cheese

Get cheesy with these recipes. Some are low end, others are fancy, but all will get your taste buds going.

    30. Cheese Dream This is a great blog for beginner recipes that are simple and let the beauty of cheese shine through.

    31. All Top Cheese This site is basically a newsfeed for cheese. There’s a constant stream of recipes, for cooks of all levels, all centered around cheese.

    32. Wine Bread Cheese Here you’ll find recipes for delicious cheese-infused dishes like parmesean chicken wings. How’s that for dressing up an old favorite?

    33. The Food Section If you’re looking for a recipe for a particular cheese, it will be easy to find on this site, which cross references recipes and ingredients. The cheese appetizers section is especially appealing.

    34. Daniel Angerer Get ready for easy recipes that implement cheese in a whole new light. Chef Daniel Angerer shows readers how to work with cheese in simple ways that turn out delicious.

    35. eCurry – Marinated Feta Cheese You’ll love this fast recipe for entertaining. It looks (and tastes) like a million bucks without costing an arm and a leg.

    36. A Great Chef – Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Get back to the basics with this delectable recipe of an old favorite. This macaroni and cheese has oodles of real cheese, making it a new experience for those who are used to processed”cheeses.”

    37. Baked Meatballs Stuffed with Roasted Garlic and Cheese Meat, garlic, cheese…what else could you need? Learn this classic Italian recipe that’s easy to pull off and will impress your friends.

    38. Cookography Explore this recipe site for new ideas on what to do with cheese. The cheesy spin on the Cesar salad is easy and delicious since it’s cheesier than what you’re used to in the classic dish.

    39. Cheese a Day This is a blog with a personal edge that makes it enjoyable to read, while learning about cheese and how to moderately implement it into your diet (yes, it’s possible!).

How to Shop for Cheese

How to shop for cheese depends on what you’re using the cheese for. These blogs and websites will walk you through shopping for cheese with know-how.

    40. Big Cheese Stories This blog no longer updates and we aren’t sure why because it’s packed with amazing cheese shopping info. It’s penned by the folks from Murray Cheese in New York City and is just the right read when learning how to shop for cheese.

    41. Tim the Cheese Man If you really want to know everything about finding the right cheese, this blog will help you do it with loads of helpful hints along the way.

    42. Cheese Monger This blog is a fantastic read with mouth watering images of cheeses, salamis, wines, you name it. Cheese Monger is the perfect how-to-shop blog for those who love cheeses and other delicious snacks.

    43. Canyon of Cheese Tips on how to shop for cheese depending on the type of event your hosting and the best ways to serve it.

    44. Master Cheesemaker Book This site is all about cheesemakers in Wisconsin who are creating award-winning cheeses that can step to the dairy France is (literally) churning out. Along the way, you’ll learn cheese shopping tips that will make you a pro.

    45. Cheese: A Journey Real cheese shopping advice from novices gone pro. These bloggers have traveled America visiting dairy farms and have the best cheese recommendations that will suit you.

    46. Cave Aged Tips for the cheese aficionado to consider when shopping and a bevy of cheese recommendations can be found at this blog.

    47. Cheese Chick Cheese Site Get the 101 on cheese shopping from this site, which is packed with recommendations, recipes and tips on how to enjoy cheese.

    48. Cheese By Hand Learn about different cheeses and the work that goes into crafting them by reading the amazing interviews with dairy farmers and cheesemakers that appear on this blog often.

    49. Cheese Chick Blog Keep up with this blogger who is making the rounds to various cheese shops and dairy farms in the States and picks up smart cheese shopping tips along the way. The blog has a personal flair that makes it worth reading often.

    50. Ideal Cheese Blog News and updates on cheese from around the world. This is a great blog to follow once you have a background in cheeses and can keep up with the lingo.

51. The House Mouse The House Mouse blog is a one-stop shop of cheese news, tastings, and fun factoids. Feel free to offer suggestions for new and exciting cheese finds!

Cheese can serve as a quick snack or as the finishing touch on a main course. Whatever you choose to do with it, you can always be sure cheese will satisfy and with the help of these top cheese blogs and websites, you can make informed picks when entertaining or looking to improve your palette.

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78 Mouth-Watering Baking Blogs You Need to Bookmark

The art of baking can be difficult to get down, but once you have it, you’re able to let your creativity soar, creating new recipes and concocting sweet treats on a whim. Everyone loves to have someone around that bakes and these blogs and websites will improve your baking whether you’re a novice or have owned a Kitchen-Aid mixer since the ‘70s.

bankingGeneral Baking Blogs

These blogs and websites cover baking of all types and include tips to get you primed for big projects.

    1. Sweet Treats Baking This blog has amazing recipes for”squares,” which translates to deliciously sweet bars of chocolate, peanut butter and caramel.

    2. My Baking Addiction The writer of this site guides you through making everything from dark chocolate chip cookies to beer bread.

    3. King Arthur Flour This brand knows how to take advantage of social media and provides recipes and baking tip for readers.

    4. Obsessed with Baking From tarts to cookies to crunch bars, this blogger’s busy sharing a myriad of baking recipes with readers.

    5. Baking with Dynamite Baking and workout tips in one place? It’s all here, as the blogger shows you how to tone your arms and how to create a mean ginger snap.

    6. Choos and Chews This blog is part-travel and part-baking, but when the baking occurs, it’s amazing. Red velvet cake and various squares can be found here.

    7. Happy Home Baking At this site you’ll find plenty of cooking recipes, with a good bulk of them being baking recipes for chiffon cakes and breakfast scones.

    8. Knives Cooks Love This blog from cook superstore Sur La Table, no longer publishes, but the archived posts are full of baking tips on things like how to arrange a pastry tray for display.

    9. Eat Me Delicious A site packed with vegetarian baking recipes, including veggie scones and apple almond cake.

    10. Sherry Starts Cooking Beginners will see that everyone has to start somewhere. Sherry shows you how to cook and bake with amazing concoctions like zuchinni cupcakes and white chocolate raspberry scones.

    11. My Baking Adventures This blogger brings you fabulous recipes for lemon cake and unique snickerdoodles topped with a dallop of chocolate.

    12. Tuesdays with Dorie This blog is like a network for baking bloggers with recipes reviewed and new ones left for others to try. The recipes range from breads to cakes and more.

    13. Honey and Jam This site bills itself as a food photography site and you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous images of scones and cakes.

    14. Food Librarian This librarian turned blogger is tackling baking from scratch and has recipes for cream puffs, making the blog a must-read.

    15. Ryan’s Baking Blog Vanilla bean cupcakes and gluten free chocolate cupcakes are just the tip of the iceberg of inventive baking recipes found at this blog.

Bread Baking Blogs and Websites

Fresh baked bread…there’s nothing like it! These blogs have a flair for teaching us the tricks of the trade when it comes to baking breads of all types at home.

    16. A Whisk and a Spoon There are many baking recipes on this blog, but the bread recipes for oatmeal breakfast bread and the cocoa nana bread.

    17. Airy Fairy Cupcakes Delicious bread recipes that are innovative and easy to bake for guests.

    18. The Knead for Bread Bread recipes that will make you shun a loaf of grocery store white bread. The recipes are easy-to-follow and give bread a new dimension.

    19. Mennonite Girls Can Cook This Mennonite cooking blog has tons of recipes for gluten-free bread that looks delicious.

    20. The Fresh Loaf This site is focused on bread and the active forum has the best-of-the-best pizza dough recipes.

Baking Cookies Blogs and Websites

The perfect cookie is something that many bakers, amateur and professional, try to achieve. Learn how you can bring their expert tips into your kitchen when baking cookies.

    21. Cookie Madness As the name suggests, the focus at this blog is cookies. It has cute recipes for holidays like Halloween.

    22. The Chocolate Pot This blog has many enticing recipes for the baker in all of us, but the cookie recipes are unique and intricate with plenty of tips for adhering decorations.

    23. Slow Like Honey This personal blog has easy cookie recipes that will keep everyone satisfied.

    24. BitterSweet This cooking blog has an affinity for cookies and the recipes are surprisingly easy and not-so-surprisingly delicious.

    25. Not Without Salt At this blog you’ll find cookie recipes that stand head and shoulders above the typical chocolate chip cookie we’re all used to.

    26. Nosh With Me This baker is up for trying any baking recipe, but seems to have a soft spot for cookies since there are recipes galore on this site.

CakeCake Blogs and Websites

Cakes have taken off and these blogs and websites show you that gorgeous creations can be made right in your very own kitchen.

    27. Let Her Bake Cake This personal blog covers traveling to find various sweets while the blogger’s own baking focuses on cakes of all types, including a nifty Depression-era recipe.

    28. Bake Your Heart Out From tortinis to tres leches, the cake recipes found on this blog are accessible, but still unique.

    29. Cake Journal This blog is all about teaching you the art of cake design, how to acquire the tools and what to do with them.

    30. Pink Cake Box A professional wedding baker shows you her unbelievable work that will inspire you to get creative.

    31. Half-Baked – The Cake Blog This blog provides intense visual inspiration for those who are looking for new ideas to do with their cakes and cupcakes.

    32. The Cake Blog You’ll be wowed by the creative cakes at this blog. Cakes include a giant iPod, as well as handbags and shoes.

    33. Cake Decorating Blog Here you’ll find cake decorating tips galore and how-to directions on how to pull off the perfect smiley face or princess-like details .

    34. Cake Space If you dabble in pro baking and need ideas for baby showers or weddings, this is the blog to visit for innovative decorating techniques that will wow your client.

    35. Delicious Cake Recipes Recipes for basic cakes can be found here and there’s also an array of low-fat versions.

    36. Fat Free Vegan This site has recipes for baked goods (primarily cakes) that are fat free and vegan. Can this possibly make a delicious cake? You be the judge!

    37. Sweet Bites Blog Your mouth will water at the fantastic recipes featured on this blog for chocolate covered strawberry cake and a riveting chocolate layered cake finished with a ganache.

    38. Cae Mix Doctor Can you substitute this ingredient for that ingredient? Find out what can and can’t be done when it comes to baking the ideal cake.

    39. Cakes and More This Australian blog no longer updates, but has archived posts on cake decorating that will benefit newcomers to the semi-pro cake world.

    40. Cake Decorating Blog Tips on cake decorating that will help take the amateur’s skills to the next level.

    41. Cake Wrecks This is one of the most visited blogs by bakers and laymen alike. There’s nothing like a good cake gone bad.

Cupcakes Blogs and Websites

The cupcake craze continues and these blogs and websites on the tiny treats will have you craving a batch of your own.

    42. Eat My Cupcake Recipes that revolve around cupcakes, with the occasion cookie thrown in. Also see the fantastic recipe for King’s Cake, a Southern favorite for Mardi Gras season.

    43. How to Eat a Cupcake This blog has recently come to a close (the blogger is opening up a cupcake business), but the recipes are still for the taking and include delicious cupcakes and sweet breads.

    44. I Heart Cuppy Cakes Tips every cupcake baker needs, including how to DIY your own cupcake displays for get-togethers.

    45. Cupcake Blog You’ll be inspired to get in the kitchen and get cooking with these fantastic recipes for unique cupcakes you won’t find anywhere else.

    46. All Things Cupcake Cozy up to cupcakes like never before with this amazing blog penned by an Australian who is always after the next great thing in the world of cupcakes.

    47. 52 Cupcakes For those who want some serious cupcake eye candy, this blog is the place to be.

    48. Cupcake Takes the Cake Cupcake recipes and cupcake news from around the world, including a look at the rise of cupcakes in mainstream bakeries.

    49. Chocky Lit This site no longer publishes (under this name), but has loads of archived cupcake recipes that will make your mouth water.

    50. Cupcake Rehab Cupcake recipes that are delicious and some that are even fit for your pup!

    51. Kumquat Cupcakery This New York City cupcake shop interacts with cupcakes lovers via their slick blog which is full of new cupcakes and events and updated often.

    52. Cupcake Project While the cupcake recipes on this blog are fantastic, it’s the made-from-scratch frosting recipes that really makes the site stand out.

    53. Baa Baa Cupcake This blog has invaluable tips for the novice cupcake baker and for those who do some freelance work, she has tips on how to bake cupcakes in bulk.

    54. My Cupcake Day Here you’ll find images galore of what else? Cupcakes! Cupcakes of all sizes for all occasions can be found here.

    55. The Cupcakery Blog Get delicious recipes you won’t find elsewhere such as rum-filled cupcakes.

    56. Cupcake Frenzy This site no longer updates, but the cupcake recipes are still available and range from basic vanilla cupcakes to impressive white chocolate frosting recipes.

Basic Steps of Baking Baking 101

Surely your mouth is watering by now, but maybe you don’t have the skills to bake? Check out these blogs and websites to get you started in the right direction.

    57. Joy the Baker The recipes on this blog are great for starter bakers and include fun items like goat’s milk pops (no baking required).

    58. Baking Bites Tips for baking nearly anything from tarts to cakes and where to find equipment that suits your baking style .

    59. Lovin’ From the Oven Bakers will adore this site that walks you through seemingly difficult recipes that are easy to pull and thus impress co-workers and family members.

    60. Bake Space At this site, bakers unite. View recipes and essential baking tips for beginners who aren’t sure how to tell when a cake’s done.

    61. Mixing Bowl This is a social networking site for those who love to bake and has plenty of chatter going on that will answer your burning baking questions.

    62. Lick the Spoon Read the exploits of this self-taught baker’s mistakes and learn the kinks she’s worked out while baing.

    63. Real Baking with Rose This professional baker and author shares tricks with readers and shows you how to go from amateur to expert in no time.

    64. Baking Obsession If you’re into baking and feel you’ve tried every recipe, this is the blog to check out for inventive recipes like zucchini parmesean muffins (our mouths are watering too!).

    65. Dessert First This dessert lover shares recipes that are suited for the more seasoned baker. Tarts, rolls and other interesting dessert recipes are available.

    66. Cream Puffs in Venice Showstopping recipes that are simple to pull off for entertaining friends and family. Check out the recipe on how to make the perfect buttercream frosting.

Additional Baking Tips

These blogs have great ideas for baking and give you insight to less conventional desserts like tarts.

    67. My Wooden Spoon This is a blog with baking recipes for those who have spent little time in the kitchen. The breakdown is easy to follow and will be a great intro to baking.

    68. My Tartlette If you think tarts are reserved for little old ladies and laden with sticky fruit, think again. The tart recipes featured on this blog are luscious and will have you making pastries in no time.

    69. Joe Pastry This blog gives you history lessons in the baked recipes it features, proving it’s best to know where your food comes from.

    70. ChocaBlog A good baker should know their chocolate and this blog will get you ready for identifying the sweet flavor that works for different baked goods.

    71. Technicolor Kitchen Indulge your inner baker with recipes for marmalade bread pudding and chunky chocolate cookies.

    72. Cherrapeno This blog is about cooking in general, but has lots of recipes for cinnamon rolls and other sweet treats.

    73. Andrea’s Recipes New baking ideas for those who grown their own food or love to work with fresh ingredients for quality baking results.

    74. Savory Sweet Life For the baker with a few cakes and cookies under their belt, this is a great blog to explore for slightly difficult recipes that require some unusual ingredients and skill.

    75. Bake or Break This blogger walks you through simple baking recipes that look impressive when the job is done.

    76. Recipe Girl A great place for beginners because it has classic recipes like banana nut bread, chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake.

    77. Pastry Pal Learn baking tips from this former professional baker and you’ll whip up baked goods weekly.

    BONUS: 78. A sweet affaire, come bake with Chefany! A baking blog with the emphasis on instruction and fun. Not to mention, Stephany is one of the nicest bloggers around!

Baking is a fun hobby, whether you are compensated for hundreds of wedding cupcakes or simply see the smiles it brings to family members as the gobble the treats. Remember that practice makes perfect with baking, as measurements and timing are crucial parts of a successful at-home baking experience.

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Voracious Reading: 50 Amazing Food & Travel Blogs

One does not have to reserve a regular table at French Laundry to appreciate food to attain the title of a true connoisseur of all things culinary. A real foodie understands the undeniable charms of small street stands and divey greasy spoons, chowing down on meals of all kinds with equal enthusiasm. Unsurprisingly, the lure of experiencing new tastes and sensations inspires many gourmands to take up travel as a hobby. Skipping across the planet in search of the perfect plate, they take to the internet to dissect the cultural contexts of different foodstuffs. What results is an amazing amalgamation of philosophies and practices that almost anyone can appreciate. Those without the resources to travel can still discover how even their own homes and cities can yield valuable gustatory treasures by applying many of the principles contained therein. After all, exploring does not always indicate a shift in geography!

1.) Chow

More than just a blog, Chow and its accompanying Chowhound community bring together foodies from all over the world to discuss everything from the tastiest street vendors to the most luxurious gourmet establishments. And home cooking as well!

2.) Lifestyle at Condé Nast Archive Blog

Anyone looking for a kicky retro peek into Condé Nast’s highlife highlights should read over Epicurean and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for vintage culinary and adventurous delights. Neither update too often, but they do warrant a look.

3.) Anthony Bourdain

Former chef and current writer and host of the thoroughly engaging No Reservations on the Travel Channel Anthony Bourdain describes his amazing in food and international journeys with the same wry, world-weary wit as his books and show.

4.) Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

Though a general travel blog, Nomadic Matt still overflows with some amazing tales of food and food culture from around the world.

5.) Food Trails and Tales

As the title implies, the O’Reillys share their culinary (and wine!) experiences from a nicely diverse selection of nations. They spend a lot of time traveling for work, so updates aren’t as frequent as some blogs.

6.) Five Flavours

Travel through New Zealand and visually drink in the best international cuisines that the fun-loving country has to offer.

7.) TravelPod

Passionate travelers with a wide variety of interests, backgrounds and experiences come together to share the best and worst of where life has lead them. A beautifully diverse selection of food posts round out the site.

8.) Rambling Spoon

Former Gourmet Asia editor Karen Coates keeps an incredible, award-winning blog that fuses travel, food, ecology, history and politics into one impressively engaging package.

9.) Tripbase

The Tripbase blog lays it heavy on the travel without ever really skimping on the food and drink. Be sure to check out their advice for novice and seasoned travelers alike!

10.) The Traveler’s Lunchbox

The Traveler’s Lunchbox has rightfully received considerable accolades from the food and travel blogging communities. Few resources off such detailed descriptions of the intimate relationship between culture and cuisine as this absolutely amazing, must-bookmark blog.

11.) The Caffeinated Traveler

Trips, chocolate, caffeine and “food glorious food” converge here at The Caffeinated Traveler, though the majority of the content focuses more on the first topic.

12.) Eating Asia

Drool over some of the most sumptuous foods the entire Asian continent has to offer…both the descriptions and the photographs will likely induce swooning in travel and food enthusiasts alike!!

13.) Appetite

Penny De Los Santos chronicles her journeys through food and geography through some incredibly informative photographs and descriptions. Culinary culture never looked so lush and approachable – readers can certainly see how sharing meals bridges gaps between different peoples.

14.) treehousekitchen

Although mostly about recipes and other culinary tales, this New Zealand foodie does a fantastic job of also bringing in international cultures and travels into the mix as well.

15.) Rambling Tart

Krista Bjorn shares some absolutely scrumptious recipes and valuable travel and dining tips with warm, welcoming prose.

16.) Parla Food

Although mainly emphasizing the delightful, world-renowned fare to be found in Italy, Parla Food does expand its horizons for other international travels and cuisines as well. A blog not to be missed for any reason!

17.) Food Voices at the Atlantic

The Atlantic keeps a frequently updated food feed that covers everything from the latest restaurants, trends in home cooking, travel tips, politics and much more.

18.) My Morning Chocolate

Recipes, field trip suggestions and more comprise the majority of My Morning Chocolate’s content, though most of it revolves around food over travel.

19.) The Silk Road Gourmet

Fans of food and travel who want their lessons dripping with historical and cultural contexts must absolutely read this highly educational blog. As the title states, almost all of it involves the peoples and places along The Silk Road.

20.) Global Table Adventure

Home chefs hoping to serve a diverse selection of world cuisines to their visitors will want to follow this 195-week culinary journey through 195 countries and 195 meals. Every week features recipes and travel, geographical and cultural information for the featured nation.

21.) Japanese Snack Reviews

Japan is known for its (comparatively) wild snack foods, and this fun blog travels the islands in search of the best, the worst and the staggeringly mediocre.

22.) Serious Eats

Food aficionados from around the world gather at Serious Eats to trade restaurant advice, trends, recipes and anything that brings together cultures over a mutual admiration of the culinary arts.

23.) Gourmantic

The staff at Gourmantic seek to provide a fantastic online periodical for food and travel aficionados alike, making it an undeniable must-read. It has earned an impressive litany of awards for a reason.

24.) shantiwallah

Marie Zamborski imbues her travel, food and writing blog with an almost mystical, spiritual aura that lures in readers and treats them to some delightful, occasionally sensual, stories.

25.) Chubby Hubby

Stop by the award-winning recipes, food stories and travels over at Chubby Hubby and see the myriad beautiful reasons why it creates so much well-earned buzz.

26.) In Transit

This informative and frequently-updated offering from The New York Times keeps even experienced travelers informed about the latest news, trends, sights and – of course – tastes from around the wanderlust community.

27.) Cheryl Marie Cordeiro

A sexy, stylish blog for travelers who enjoy chasing fashion, trends, luscious foods and ultra-high-class living.

28.) Fuchsia Dunlop

A food and travel writer muses on the thrilling and diverse amount of culinary arts and culture in China, with particular attention paid to the Szechuan region.

29.) Jim’s Chocolate Mission

This man has the enviable task of experiencing the world through its chocolate without ever having to contend with cancelled flights and lost luggage. A perfect read for those wanting to live vicariously through someone else’s high-calorie, high-sugar experiences.

30.) whine & dine

Although mostly about foodie adventures in Hong Kong, plenty of content here is devoted to travel and photography as well – and many of these subjects overlap as well!

31.) Farsighted Fly Girl

Take travel writing with a generous shot of food, fashion and culture courtesy of the undeniably fabulous Rosalind Cummings-Yeates.

32.) Hella Delicious

Several writers blog about food and travel on a local and global scale, opining on how cuisine both shapes and is shaped by the surrounding cultural stimuli.

33.) Bento Lunch blog

Tour of Japan through the eyes of a woman in Germany who just can’t get enough of bento lunches…and lunch boxes!!

34.) The Art and Science of Food

Indonesian and Asian fusion cuisine comprise the core of this blog, which usually involves information on dishes, recipes and a few tidbits for the visiting traveler.

35.) Alison’s Culinary Travel Blog

About.com’s Alison Wellner keeps a food and travel blog catering to a general audience full of greenhorns and experts alike.

36.) Dining & Travel at Epicurious

Read about the best of the best restaurants that the world’s most popular tourist destinations have to offer – and emerging food trends as well!

37.) Our Tasty Travels

Food and beverage tours, restaurants and recipes – everything a globetrotting gourmand could ever want in a blog can be found right here at Our Tasty Travels.

38.) Cafe Fernando

Home chefs hoping to recreate the scrumptious dishes Cenk Sönmezsoy discovers in his native Istanbul and while traipsing about the planet on culinary adventures.

39.) Travels | Saveur

Saveur tends to emphasize culinary travels in more popular tourist cities such as Chicago and Paris, so any foodies looking for more out-of-the-way niches should turn their attentions elsewhere. Less adventurous types, however, will love it.

40.) My Inner Fatty

Nicholas Chen is amazing. He loves and appreciates food with a blissfully snarky sense of humor while simultaneously educating readers on the tantalizing dishes he finds wandering around Taiwan.

41.) The Eaten Path

As every contributor to the completely absorbing The Eaten Path knows, a journey through and to food can be just as important as the meal itself.

42.) David Lebovitz

Most of David Lebovitz’s sensual accounts of lush foods and trends center around Paris, but he does an excellent job of recounting his many travels and culinary experiences as well.

43.) Lannae’s Food and Travel

This very delightful, very pink blog showcases the gustatory pleasures to be had in Nashville, but Lannae Long does not shy away from sharing her travels elsewhere and discussing trends from other regions.

44.) Vagablond

Most people, in their lifetime, will never be able to afford the luxury vacations and gourmet foods and drinks featured on Vagablond. Normal folks will have to live vicariously and enviously through the exploits of the obscenely wealthy instead.

45.) Chocolate & Zucchini

Rich sweets coating fresh, zesty vegetables sounds pretty awful, but fortunately this blog’s content greatly transcends its initially off-putting title. Recipes, trends, travels and much, much more make this an essential read for all foodies sore afflicted with wanderlust.

46.) Writing with My Mouth Full

New York locals and visitors will adore the detailed restaurant reviews. Travelers around the world will adore browsing the tips, tricks and recommendations. And home chefs will adore the recipes. There is definitely something for all foodies and adventurers here.

47.) The Feisty Foodie

Although one could learn a goodly portion of the ins and outs of ethnic cuisine wandering the streets of New York – which forms the majority of The Feisty Foodie – there are thankfully plenty of entries from elsewhere as well.

48.) Culinary Travel at Suite 101

Elaine Findlay presides over a number of different writers who cover foods familiar and fancy from around the world, highlighting the intersections between culinary and cultural delights.

49.) La Tartine Gourmande

Learn how to whip up scrumptious foods, read about cuisine’s influence on culture (and vice versa!) and visually drink some seriously amazing travels.

50.) delicious days

This highly acclaimed website caters to foodies who love traveling and cooking as much as indulging their digestive tracts at standout street vendors and restaurants.

Because every culture on the planet boasts its own rich culinary tradition (don’t snicker…the British DO count!), it makes for an excellent conduit for fostering harmony between peoples. Foodies of all types frequently indulge their wanderlust and love of the culinary arts, exploring the world in search of the latest and greatest on the streets and at the hottest tables alike. Even then, though, travel does not have to mean getting in the car or hopping on a plane. One can still explore the flavors of the world with a nicely stocked kitchen and a trip to the grocery store, after all!

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Top 50 Websites For Learning Self-Canning

Self-canning is an age old tradition that allows you to store nearly anything for a very long period of time. Where a freezer can store food (should you have power) for a year, canned items can last well beyond that. This makes self-canning appealing for those who are self-reliant or live in areas where hurricanes and ice storms are the norm (thus knocking out the power). Think of self-canning as a practical, affordable hobby that will pay you times 10 when the going gets tough.

Self-Canning Sites for Beginners

Eco-everything is causing more people to explore self-canning. Whether you’re living off the grid or just want to explore a new hobbing, these websites will teach you everything you need to know about self-canning.

    1. Canning 101 Learn why canning is the way to go when it comes to storing food for a long duration of time. This article explains what you need to get started.

    2. National Center for Home Food Preservation Learn why properly canning food is crucial to preventing food contamination in your canned meats and vegetables.

    3. Home Canning Preserves Taste, Nutrition and Self-Reliance This article explores the throwback to home canning that we’re seeing and why preserving food when it’s ripe is healthy.

    4. Home Canning – Jars and Lids Knowing the proper way to utilize jars when canning at home is crucial for food safety. This site goes over choosing the right size and thoroughly explains the parts of a can.

    5. How to Learn Home Canning Basics Get the skinny on what you need to make home canning work for you. This article goes over the essentials that will get you started.

    6. Small Measure This eco-decorator has made small changes to her life in an effort to go green. Among them, she is into home canning and provides readers with tips on what to make and how.

    7. Home Canning Safety Because home canning requires many tools, it’s important you keep safety in mind when canning, especially if children are around. Learn the protocol here.

    8. Canning USA Let this canning website be the ultimate introduction to home canning. It’s packed with recipes, tips on how to can and more.

    9. Home Canning This site is available in English and French and links you to suppliers for all your home canning needs.

    10. How to Start Home Canning – Understanding How It Works There are different types of home canning techniques, some which vary based on what you’re canning. Learn more about the terms used and each step of home canning.

    11. Home Canning – How to Avoid Botulism Canning properly is crucial to preventing food contamination. Learn the proper pre-cautions to take when canning at home.

    12. How to Prepare Your Equipment for Canning Ensuring your equipment is in tip-top shape will give you the best home canning results possible. Learn what to look for in this helpful article.

    13. Successful Home Canning This home canning article explains what tools you need to make canning an easy process to perform on a regular basis.

    14. Basic Canning Terms Puzzled by all of the canning lingo on various sites and in books? This article breaks down the terms so you know what’s what when you start your home caning projects.

    15. Canning & Preserving This article breaks down the best of the best when it comes to the equipment required to can at home.

Self-Canning Tips

Need to know what jars to pick and how long food will stay canned? Consult these helpful self-canning tips.

    16. Ask Jackie In these letters to the editor of Backwoods Home, readers gain tips on canning garlic and mixed vegetables. See how this pro puts away canned items to get her family through the winter.

    17. How to Organize an Outdoor Canning Party If you have friends or family who want to get in on the canning action, host a canning party. This article gives you the scoop on how to create workstations and make the project fun for guests.

    18. How to Start a Home Canning Business If you want to take home canning to the next level, a small business may be for you. Learn how to get started and start selling your home preserves to the public.

    19. Eco Centrism This site is all about going green and with that comes more sustainable living that includes home canning methods.

    20. A Self-Sufficient Life Those who are looking to be self-reliant and those looking to save a few bucks can benefit from home canning because it allows you to keep food longer and actually consume it.

    21. The Parma Food Storage Blog The community of Parma share their food storage tips, many of which include canning ideas you can add to your recipe book.

    22. Wasted Food America throws away nearly half of our food. This site is devoted to making us think about our food, where it comes from and where it goes.

    23. Sustainable Table While this website no longer publishes, there’s plenty of canning info in the archives.

    24. Diggin Food – Canning Great recipes and tips for freezing vegetables and creating unique preserves like carmelized red onion relish.

    25. Homegrown Evolution This is a site all about self-sustaining and living off the land. A great site for those who grow and can at home.

    26. How to Homestead Living a self-reliant life requires living off the land and preserving all you can once cold weather arrives. This site helps you see how others can and manage during winter.

    27. Rurally Screwed This city girl made the transfer to living in the country a few years ago and is making canning cool again. If anything, this blog proves nearly anyone can pick up canning

    28. Slow Food This is the official website of a non-profit organization that is devoted to helping others take pride in the food they consume. Learn about gardening and canning on a global level.

    29. Mormon Food Storage Techniques Mormons must be prepared at all times, which leads them to be experts in self-canning, which is affordable and easy to store, even in large numbers.

Canning Different Types of Food

Canning requires different things depending on what type of food you’re looking to keep. These sites will help you make the distinction and can properly.

    30. Food Preservation: Yes We Can! Canning tips for everything from tomatoes, pickles, jams and more. This is a great site for exploring new ideas for at-home canning.

    31. Ball Canning Recipes This site goes over ball canning recipes, which are ideal for those who simply dabble in self-canning as a hobby and do not can in bulk.

    32. Chili Con Carne Those from the South will appreciate this canning recipe for a Mexican chili that can keep for years and warmed up in winter for a hearty meal.

    33. Canning & Preserving Methods Forum Chat with other at-home canners who can show you the ropes when it comes to putting everything in a jar.

    34. Canning Bacon Of all of the meats, bacon works brilliantly for canning and preserves just as tasty as when it comes off the grill.

    35. Home Canned Turkey Soup Canning soups is the perfect jump off point for beginner canners who want accessible meals for a big family.

    36. Chocolate Pear Pudding Recipe While this is a conventional pudding recipe, it can be canned and offers a new spin on standard chocolate pudding thanks to the pears that are mixed in.

    37. Salsa Party Why buy salsa when you can make and jar your own? This post provides a delicious recipe for getting all of those spicy notes in jar that can be used for parties and get-togethers.

    38. Canning Chili Find out how this self-reliant woman creates her favorite canned chili for a quick homemade meal during the dead of winter.

    39. Home Canning Salmon Recipes There are endless possibilities on what you can do with canned salmon. This website goes over everything from salmon cakes to peppered salmon.

    40. What to Do With All That Applesauce? Seasoned canners may realize they go overboard producing a certain type of food, such as applesauce. Here’s an innovative idea on what to do when you’re sick of the mushy stuff.

    41. Rabbit and Squirrel For those living off the land, canning rabbit and squirrel meat is essential. This illustrated how-to article will show you how to make a tasty canned meat that can be preserved for months.

    42. How to Make Pickles There’s nothing like the crunch and flavor of homemade pickles. A great starting point for beginners to explore canning vegetables.

    43. How to Can Tomato Sauce Tomato sauce can be canned and used throughout the year. This site provides a recipe for a delicious take on the staple and also illustrates the proper technique.

    44. Canned Eggs Canning eggs was once known as waterglassing. Learn how to preserve eggs that can be consumed anytime of year, straight from the jar.

Instructional Videos for Self Canning

Some of us need to see it to believe it. These instructional videos on self-canning will help you get an idea of what you should be doing through the process.

    45. So Easy to Preserve This eight part DVD series walks you through home canning and is the perfect companion for a beginner.

    46. Vital Recipe – Home Canning Basics This five part series can be viewed for free online and goes over canning 101, along with visuals.

    47. How to Preserve Tomatoes Tomatoes are one of the most tasty things to can that can be used in a myriad of ways after opened. This video walks you through canning perfect tomatoes.

    48. Ball Home Canning This video explains food contamination and how to prevent your food from spoiling due to wrong techniques used when canning.

    49. The Joy of Canning – What to Can? This video has brilliant ideas for new canning ideas involving squash, tomatoes and more.

    50. Making Peach Preserves Watching this video of a family making peach preserves will show you that self-canning can be a fun activity for everyone in the house. Even the kids can participate!

Self-canning can become a way of life or a pastime you dabble in every now and then. Creating family memories of self-canning and sharing preserves or canned vegetables that were created with love from the entire family will teach children how to be mindful of where their food comes from.

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100 Famous Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

Eating out is becoming a more and more popular phenomenon. With fast food taking only minutes out of a day and costing a few dollars, it can be convenient. Likewise, fine dining is also on the rise and can put a considerably larger dent in your wallet. But unless you were a master chef with a keen sense of taste, these recipes were lost to you.

Until the internet came along and provided those with the ability to reproduce recipes and post them for the world to see. To that effect, we were able to gather 100 famous restaurant recipes you can recreate at home. Whether looking to cut down on pizza boxes to recreate virtual edible masterpieces, there is something for everyone.

Famous Appetizer Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

Start your meal off the famous way with the help of these recipes.

    1. Houston’s Artichoke Spinach Dip : One of the most famous recipes for artichoke dip, you don’t have to go out for it anymore. You can even sub a few frozen ingredients.

    2. Carrabba’s Bread Dipping Blend : This little plate of herbs and spices greets everyone who sits down at a table in this restaurant. See how to make it by clicking here.

    3. P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps : Although this restaurant offers its food in the frozen section of many grocers, you can do better by clicking here. It will give you the recipe of their famous lettuce wraps with chicken.

    4. Avocado Egg Rolls : You can get these at just about any restaurant. However, you can get the recipe from the Cheesecake Factory here.

    5. Bloomin’ Onion : You don’t have to go to the Outback restaurant to get this fried onion appetizer anymore. The Recipe Link shows how to make it, including specific instructions for how to slice the onion.

    6. Bennigan’s Broccoli Bites : Get your greens while you get appetizers with the help of this famous recipe. Tips for both the broccoli and dipping sauce are shared.

    7. TGI Friday’s Nine Layer Dip : This is bean dip brought to a new level with refried beans, bacon, cheese, taco seasoning, tomatoes, green onions, and so much more. It is easy to put together and has all of the best ingredients that Mexican food has to offer.

    8. Monterey’s Tex Mex Queso : Create a restaurant quality style cheese dip with a visit here. A few helpful substitutions are also given.

Famous Soup Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

Instead of a cup or bowl, make an entire pot of your restaurant’s favorite soup with a peek below.

    9. Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana : This sausage and potato soup is a popular choice at the Italian eatery. The blogger has even added a few of his touches to improve upon it.

    10. Pasta E Fagioli : If this is your favorite of the Olive Garden soups, you are in luck. The experts at CD Kitchen have copied this recipe and show you how to make a whopping nine quarts.

    11. P.F. Chang’s Wonton Soup : All wonton soups are not created equal as shown in this famous recipe. Many ingredients and some prep time is needed.

    12. Gordon Ramsay Lightly Spiced Butternut Squash Soup : If you can’t make it to one of Gordon’s fine dining restaurants across the world, don’t worry. You can get his famous recipe for this soup right here.

    13. Chicken Soup with Egg Lemon Sauce : See why this famous soup received a five star review from the experts at Food Network. Quick hint: it was made by expert chef Cat Cora.

    14. Bennigan’s Baked Potato Soup : Get a baked potato in a bowl with the help of this famous recipe. Potatoes, butter, onions, garlic, and a few more are all you need.

    15. Chili’s Chicken Enchilada Soup : One of Chili’s most raved about items, learn how to make it here. A few of the ingredients include chicken breasts, cheese, masa harina, and others.

Famous Salad Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

Dressings, veggies, and more are featured in these famous restaurant recipes.

    16. Olive Garden Salad Dressing : Their version of Italian dressing is so popular, they literally had to bottle it and sell it. Now you can learn how to replicate it at home here.

    17. Bennigan’s Honey Mustard Dressing : Perfect not only for salads, but as a dipping sauce for fries and more. A simple recipe and a few minutes are all that is needed.

    18. Applebee’s Grilled Chicken Oriental Salad : One of the most requested recipes on Copy Kat, rice noodles, almonds, and oriental dressing make it stand out. Of course, the recipe for the dressing is also included.

    19. Red Lobster Caesar Dressing : Learn how to make this basic dressing for any salad as an entrée or for starters. Variations include Greek and creamy Caesar.

    20. Cheesecake Factory Luau Salad : Have this Hawaiian style recipe in your own house by visiting here. A few of the items can be purchased in Oriental food stores.

    21. Red, White, and Blue Potato Salad : Sweet Tomatoes is a restaurant that prides itself on its salad. See how to make one of their most popular choices here.

    22. Chopped Salad with Hearts of Palm : This recipe is a rare treat straight from the expert chefs at Morton’s Steakhouse. Cooking tips and so much more are shared in this article from CBS.

    23. African Fruit Salad : Expert chef Cat Cora returns in this challenge for Good Morning America. Best of all, it is easy and quick to prepare.

    24. Warm Goat Cheese Salad : Expert chef Gordon Ramsay returns in this famous recipe. It also includes instructions for apple vinaigrette.

Famous Chicken Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

Bird is the word in the below restaurant recipes.

    25. KFC : The recipe from Kentucky Fried Chicken is said to be a well-guarded secret. However, you can make a strikingly similar chicken sans the bucket by stopping here. There are also loads of other KFC recipes on the site.

    26. McChicken : It may be on the Dollar Menu but making a couple of these chicken sandwiches just might be cheaper and healthier by making at home. However, a deep fryer is required.

    27. Olive Garden Chicken Parmesan : An Italian favorite, see how this famous restaurant prepares it. HubPages shows you how.

    28. Buca di Beppo Chicken Marsala : Recreate one of the restaurants most famous dishes here. They even give a few recommendations on a Marsala wine swap.

    29. Bennigan’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich : Make this famous chicken sandwich recipe in your home with the help of Cooking Cache. Again, a deep fat fryer is required.

    30. P.F. Chang’s Spicy Chicken : Learn how to make this popular Asian style chicken here. A wok is needed.

    31. Cheesecake Factory Fettuccini with Chicken and Sun Dried Tomatoes : Chicken Italian style is the focus of this recipe. How to cook the chicken, vegetables, and pasta are all shared.

    32. TGI Friday’s Sizzling Chicken and Cheese : Make an impressive skillet of chicken and melted cheese here. There is also a recipe for the marinade.

    33. Chipotle’s Chicken Fajitas : Even if you’ve never been to this restaurant, you can still get the secret behind their fajitas. It is a grill ancho marinade and the recipe can be found here.

    34. Mason Jar Mesquite Chicken : The Mason Jar was and continues to be a family favorite. This famous chicken contains pineapple, mushroom, ham, cheese, and plenty more to fill a plate.

Famous Seafood Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

Shrimp, salmon, and other forms of seafood are the main ingredient for these recipes you can make at home.

    35. Morton’s Steakhouse Shrimp Alexander : Make this shrimp recipe at your leisure with the help of this recipe. The shrimp is breaded and cooked in butter, shallots, garlic, and more.

    36. Coconut Shrimp : If you thought the Outback only did steaks, think again. This recipe for shrimp is a popular choice and can be found here.

    37. Macaroni Grill Chardonnay Shrimp : You too can make this recipe in just four easy steps. Red Rock Sunrise shows you how.

    38. Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi : Who knew such a popular dish could be so easy to make? Four ingredients and seven minutes of baking time are all that’s needed.

    39. Red Lobster Crab Alfredo : The best of seafood and pasta combine in this famous restaurant recipe. A quick hand is also required.

    40. Bennigan’s Ale House Shrimp and Pasta : Similar to the above, this recipe is made with shrimp and penne pasta. In just 30 minutes, you can sample this dish in your own home.

    41. P.F. Chang’s Lemon Pepper Shrimp : Almost everyone has a lemon pepper recipe, but few have one as popular as P.F. Chang’s. This recipe shows how to make the shrimp and the sauce.

    42. Bubba Gump Shrimp : This dish was made famous in the movie “Forrest Gump.” However, there is actually a restaurant of the same name and you can find their shrimp recipe here.

    43. Macaroni Grill Salmon With Spinach Orzo : Because both salmon and spinach are good for you, why not make this famous recipe? It only takes ten minutes.

    44. Tandoori Spiced Halibut : You may have seen Gordon Ramsay make this recipe on television. Now you can create it yourself, or even watch a clip of him doing it.

Famous Beef Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

Red meat takes center stage in these famous restaurant recipes.

    45. Wendy’s Chili : One of the few drive-thrus to offer chili, it has become a national favorite. This chef speculates in adding less chili powder and adding more tomato juice.

    46. Bennigan’s Meatloaf : Just like mom used to take you to get. A little ground beef, veggies, sauce, and more combine in this famous restaurant recipe.

    47. Applebee’s Bourbon Street Steak : You don’t have to go to Louisiana or your local Applebee’s to replicate this famous recipe at home. Only five ingredients are needed.

    48. Chili’s Babyback Ribs : Not just a song, there are actually babyback ribs at Chili’s. Now, they can be at your house with the help of a reporter at ABC.

    49. P.F. Chang’s Mongolian Beef : Stay out of Southern Asia and this famous restaurant and make this dish at home. Only ten ingredients are needed.

    50. Velvet Turtle Pepper Steak : You don’t have to visit this restaurant to get the recipe for their pepper steak. All you need is strip steak, butter, red wine, and others.

    51. Chili’s Steak Marinade and Fajitas : Learn how to make both fajitas and an award winning marinade here. Use both to combine into the same dish served at the restaurant.

    52. Veal Scaloppini : The chefs at the Olive Garden share this recipe online with all who want it. You can even adjust the recipe for how many you want to feed.

    53. Outback Marinade : Ever wonder what makes this steakhouse’s steaks taste so good? Then click here to get the recipe for their marinade.

    54. Hell’s Kitchen Beef Wellington : If like Chef Ramsay, you need “a Wellington urgently!”this is the recipe for you. Yum Sugar not only gives the recipe, but associated videos as well.

    55. Broadway Grill Prime Rib : Located in California, this restaurant specializes in red meat. Here, you can get the recipe for a prime rib you can make at home.

Famous Pizza Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

It’s not delivery, it’s homemade. See how to make famous pizza recipes in your own home below.

    56. Domino’s Cheesy Bread : Beat the delivery guy with the help of this famous appetizer. This site also includes the Nutrition Facts.

    57. TGI Friday’s Pizza : In only four steps, you can have this restaurant grade pizza in your home. Recipe World has more.

    58. Olive Garden Pizza : Choose from Pizza Rustica or Summer Pizza on the Olive Garden’s official site. There is also an instructional video to help.

    59. Applebee’s Pizza Sticks : Whether a meal or appetizer, these pizza sticks are no longer found only at Applebee’s. They are topped with herbs and melted cheese, Italian sausage, and pepperoni.

    60. Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza : Although the delivery guy can probably get their first, there is still a satisfaction from making your own pizza. One to two hours is required.

    61. Papa John’s Pizza Dough : Jicker is a blogger constantly on the lookout for great recipes. Here, he shares how to make this popular pizza dough.

    62. Papa John’s Pizza Sauce : Now that you have the dough, learn how to make this sauce. Oddly enough, canned tomato puree is used.

    63. Original BBQ Pizza : This is a popular choice at famous restaurant California Pizza Kitchen. Two hours can get you a pizza big enough for four.

    64. Puck Pizza : Wolfgang Puck is famous for many of his dishes, including pizza. With too many to choose from, take your choice of recipes from chicken Caesar pizza to smoked salmon and caviar.

Famous Burger Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

An American favorite, these recipes are no longer found in famous restaurants.

    65. Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers : These burgers are simple and easy to make for any time of day. They are made with ground sirloin, American cheese, a tangy pickle, sweet ketchup, and grilled onions.

    66. In and Out Burger : With many claiming it to be the best of the fast food burgers, see for yourself here. Thousand island dressing and loads of cheese set it apart.

    67. Whopper : Your home can actually be the home of the Whopper instead of Burger King. Close Clone tells you more.

    68. Big Mac : Tackle your next “Mac Attack”at home by stopping here. Ingredients for both the burger and secret sauce are shared.

    69. Quarter Pounder : The Big Mac isn’t the only burger made famous by McDonald’s. The Quarter Pounder, or “Royale with Cheese,”is also shared here.

    70. Jumbo Jack : With the help of this recipe, the only way you’ll see the Jack Clown is on the television. Learn to make your very own Jumbo Jack with a visit here.

    71. The Original : While Wendy’s has loads of burgers to choose from, why not recreate the original? They even take the time to share the exact condiments.

    72. Chicken Sandwich : Learn how to make this chicken burger from the popular chain Chic-Fil-A here. Best of all, a true fan of the chain shares the recipe.

    73. Applebee’s Club House Grill : Technically not a burger, you can still get a grilled sandwich here. French bread, ham, turkey, and more are used.

Famous Restaurant Drink Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

Pair your famous recipe with a famous drink with a visit below.

    74. Wendy’s Frosty : Not quite a milkshake, not quite like anything else, the drive thru is no longer the only place you can find a Frosty. Best of all, it is made with three simple ingredients.

    75. Caramel Macchiato : This is one of the most popular coffees at the most popular chain in the world. Save yourself hundreds of dollars a year by making it yourself.

    76. Frappuccino : Take the whole “make your own Frappuccino”campaign from Starbucks to a whole other level by clicking here. How and what to make it with are included.

    77. Italian Cream Soda : This is a favorite from the chefs at Olive Garden. Soda, syrup, half and half, and whipped cream are needed.

    78. Fatburger Banana Shake : Diners at Fatburger can shell out big bucks for this famous drink. Cut the price by making it yourself with this recipe.

    79. Red Robin Freckled Lemonade : This tangy drink is made with only three ingredients. They can all be purchased at a grocery store and easily combined.

    80. Sicilian Splash : Make this non-alcoholic treat just like they serve at the Olive Garden. Special syrup is required.

    81. Texas Cyclone Margarita : Pappasito’s Cantina is famous in Texas. One of the reasons is their margaritas, and a recipe can be found here.

    82. Red Lobster Bahama Mama : If you like sweet rum drinks, this is the famous restaurant recipe for you. Sour, orange juice, and pina colada mix are also needed.

Famous Restaurant Side Dish Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

Because restaurants don’t just serve an entrée, neither should you.

    83. Cheddar Bay Biscuits : These are a must have for anyone eating at Red Lobster. Make a basket of your own in this popular recipe.

    84. Fried Mac and Cheese : If you have had this dish at TGI Friday’s, chances are you want it again. Make it yourself with the help of Food.com.

    85. Risotto Milanese : This risotto is the same as made by the Olive Garden. You can also adjust by how many you intend to serve.

    86. Fettuccini Alfredo : However, if you have been to the Olive Garden, chances are this was the side. Learn how to make it in your own kitchen by stopping here.

    87. Crab Au Gratin : Mix seafood in with your sides in this dish from Red Lobster. It uses crackers, milk, sherry, and more.

    88. P.F. Chang’s Garlic Noodles : Make professional grade noodles in your own home with a visit here. Also used as an entrée.

    89. KFC Biscuits : Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can bet this side dish will be popular. Six simple ingredients combine to make them.

    90. Popeye’s Red Beans : Get Louisiana style beans really fast by making them at home. Ham hocks and lard are key ingredients.

    91. Sonic Onion Rings : This blogger actually used to work at Sonic and knows loads about recreating the onion rings. The secret is using vanilla iced milk.

Famous Dessert Restaurant Recipes You Can Replicate at Home

You may skip the dessert tray at the restaurant, but the best part of your meal can still be brought to your own kitchen.

    92. Cheesecake Factory : This restaurant is dedicated to the art of the cheesecake. Todd Wilbur from ABC helps bring you the secret behind this decadent dessert.

    93. Olive Garden Tiramisu : Made with lady fingers, you can use your own fingers to make this famous restaurant recipe. A cake big enough for six is shown how to be made.

    94. Wendy’s Apple Dumplings Recipe : Stay out of the drive thru and make this tasty dessert yourself. The syrup recipe is also found here.

    95. TGI Friday’s Mocha Mud Pie : You don’t have to be a chocolate lover to enjoy this dessert, but it doesn’t hurt. Butter, eggs, sugar, and more are also in it.

    96. Easy Cheesecake : Although “easy”and “cheesecake”aren’t words commonly used together, they are here. This link shows how to make a Red Lobster style dessert.

    97. Oreo Cheesecake : Although the Cheesecake Factory has made an appearance already, it is worth mentioning again that their desserts are fantastic. Combine them with Oreo cookies in this recipe.

    98. McDonald’s Apple Pie : Make your own pie from a tin instead of a cardboard sleeve here. Frying is required.

    99. Cheesecake Ice Cream : Baskin Robbins has loads of flavors but you can make at least one in your own home here. Eight to ten servings should last a while.

    100. Brennan’s Banana Foster : The recipe for banana foster was said to be originated at Brennan’s. Get the first and arguably best here.

In addition to saving money and seeing firsthand what goes into your food, there are many other reasons to grab a few or all of the above 100 famous restaurant recipes you can replicate at home. The satisfaction of making a meal yourself or time spent with your family are among the best.

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50 Awesome Blogs for True Coffee Aficionados

Nearly every one needs a cup of coffee to get them going in the morning. Coffee has taken on a whole new audience thanks to the surge of hipster coffee joints. Moms and dads hit coffee chain establishments that are on every corner, while college kids hit independent joints. In a follow up to 50 Awesome Blogs for True Tea Aficionados, we present a list for true coffee lovers to check out when exploring how to French presse the perfect cup of Joe or what’s the latest and greatest going on in the world of coffee.

Best Coffee Blogs

Taking in the coffee scene can take the most seasoned off guard. Learn about coffee and techniques from around the globe to take your sipping experience to the next level.

    1. Pure Coffee This coffee blog tracks and reviews coffee houses from around the world. Whether you’re in Italy or the UK, there’s a coffee house nearby (and this blog will tell you if there’s wi-fi!).

    2. Brewed Coffee This blog dubs itself”for caffeine addicts only” and gives you the skinny on the history of coffee houses.

    3. Transcend Coffee This is the coffee blog connected to a coffee house, but their blog gives you a useful rundown of new products, how they work and how they’re selling.

    4. Java Jeb This blog covers everything from the blogger’s daily exploits to religion with plenty of coffee chatter in-between.

    5. Small Axe Coffee This blog is dedicated to your coffee part of the small axe philosophy. This means paying attention to where your coffee comes from, supporting fair trade for farmers and organic production that doesn’t harm the ecosystem in which your beans come from.

    6. Coffee Sage This coffee blog is dedicated to brining you the latest in coffee news. It talks about studies and events all revolving around coffee.

    7. Coffee Ratings – The Shot This is the blog from Coffee Ratings and it’s packed with information on choosing the right beans for your taste buds and what to do with them once you’re home.

    8. Coffee Kids This is the blog for a fantastic organization dedicated to helping the places where our coffee comes from. It’s an important topic to become familiar with if you’re the regular (or seldom) coffee drinker.

    9. Barista Magazine – Blog The blog of this online magazine is a brilliant resource for coffee professionals at any stage. Read about events and industry news at this blog.

    10. Carl Sara While this blog no longer publishes, it will give serious coffee lovers an insider’s look at the world of professional coffee and brewing, including a breakdown of equipment and techniques.

    11. Dwell Time – Coffee This began as a coffee blog and then expanded, but there’s still a plentiful supply of coffee chatter including how to perfect espresso.

    12. Jay Strange Blog This coffee blog is penned by a pro in Baltimore, but he walks us through various brewing techniques that can be implemented anywhere.

    13. Twitchy You and coffee have to practically be one and the same to relate this blog. It’s all about travel, coffee and the characters in the industry, which just happen to be some of the hilarious people you’ll come across on the Internet.

    14. God Shot This ex-barista can’t get away from coffee! The blogger breaks down their techniques for superb espresso shots you’ll want to create ASAP.

    15. Has Blog If you’re an avid coffee drinker and are looking to bring roasting and blending into your home, this blog should be your first stop for the ins-and-outs of the basics.

    16. Barista Exchange This is the online home for coffee professionals who work with specialty and gourmet coffees. While it’s aimed at pros, the at-home brewer will appreciate the inspiration.

    17. Gabe Lucas This is a personal blog, but the blogger is a pro barista, which means loads of brewing tips that even the seasoned coffee lover can learn from.

    18. Meet the Press Pot This blog covers many aspects of coffee, most recently putting a Japanese hand scoop front and center for coffee lovers to drool over.

    19. Shot Zombies It’s all about competition on brewing at this site. It’s organized and easy to find what you’re looking for when it comes to espresso

    20. Man Seeking Fire Coffee lovers who know their stuff will quickly become addicted to this blog that explores everything from new brewing techniques to reviews of coffee houses in the U.S.

    21. Coffee Llama This blog no longer updates, but the personal tone and great tips for roasting at home will intrigue coffee afficionados experimenting on their own.

    22. Jim Hoffman’s Coffee Blog This coffee blog updates often, so be sure to check back regularly for the blogger’s musings on roasting the perfect blend and what role sugar plays when sipping a cup of Joe.

    23. Daniel’s World of Coffee We love this blog because it’s written like a good ol’ fashioned blog should be – with a personal perspective and passion for the topic, which in this case is coffee.

    24. Coffee Crew Blog Stocked with a forum, tips on brewing and blends from all over the world, you’ll love this coffee blog for learning more.

    25. Sweet Maria’s The online coffee community (yes, there is one) agrees that this is one of the best coffee blogs on the web, making it a must-read for afficionados.

Best Online Resources for Learning More About Coffee

Want to know more? Check out these websites for even more coffee talk that will make you the most knowledgeable kid on the block.

    26. Home Roasters This blog is all about roasting your own coffee at home. The forum will keep you busy for hours as you learn how to get the perfect cup on your own.

    27. Coffee Detective A great blog for coffee beginners or vets, this site is packed with information on distinguishing fair trade and organic coffees and how to make coffee drinks at home.

    28. Coffe Scholars If you’re a coffee lover who’s taking your coffee game pro, these are the folks to talk to to make sure things go according to plan.

    29. Coffeed This is an online gathering place for coffee afficionados. Everything from brewing to roasting to industry events are discussed here.

    30. Chemically Imbalanced This is one of the leading online resources for getting that cup of coffee right. We love it because it has industry news and plenty of commentary making it more than just a how-to site.

    31. Cup of Excellence Who will win in 2010? Check out some of the award winning roasts and beans crowned by this organization loved by coffee afficionados worldwide.

    32. Rate My Rosetta The serious coffee drinker already knows what a rosetta is and at this site you can take a look at the eye candy that swirls in that perfect cup of coffee.

    33. Sprudge This site boasts itself as a coffee community tabloid. What does that translate to? Well, to get started you’ll see the results from online latte art competitions.

    34. Barista Exchange It’s an online social network for baristas! Connect and chat with other pros in the industry to get your inspiration flowing.

    35. Portola Coffee Coffee news is what this blog is all about. Plus, the blogger offers tips like how to use coffee for DIY beauty treatments!

Best Coffee Blogs by City

Some bloggers are eager to share their coffee knowledge from their hometown. Check out these bloggers who review coffee houses and events going on in their area.

    36. Vancouver Coffee It’s all coffee coverage from Vancouver at this fun blog that will make discovering the city’s coffee scene an awesome experience.

    37. Wired Not to be confused with the online tech magazine, this Wired is all about finding the perfect cup in Canada.

    38. 417 Coffee Get the scoop from a true coffee fan an home roaster in Missouri. Instead of a simple blog limited to talking coffee in the 417 area code, the site has evolved into a network for coffee lovers.

    39. Caffenation Live from Antwerp, this blogger is a professional who shares his tricks of the trade and reviews exotic beans for roasting.

    40. Colin Harmon This Dubliner shows you how to get it done in style when it comes to brewing the perfect cup.

    41. Coffee and Crema This blog is penned by the owner of the Coffee and Crema coffee shops in Greenville, South Carolina. It proves that you can be passionate about coffee, not matter where you are in the world.

    42. Deaton Coffee news from California, plus recommendations for food and drinks throughout Southern California.

    43. Portland Roasting Blog Portland Roasting brings fair trade coffee to the Portland area and how makes it available for everyone to buy. Find out what the company is doing to keep the coffee industry eco and ethically friendly.

    44. Peregrine Espresso This blog is from a coffeehouse in DC. They were recently featured in Food & Wine magazine for using the Japanese method for producing iced coffee.

    45. Mentness From Newcastle, England, this pro barista shares tips on cleaning your equipment and how to blend for an amazing cup at home.

    46. Gauperaa Even in Oslo coffee drinkers are serious about what’s in their cup. There’s also helpful videos about steaming milk for a killer latte.

    47. Joe Coffee Blog This is a small coffee chain in New York City and they’re active in the community, both the regular and coffee varieties.

    48. Flying Thud Read the travel exploits of a coffee lover. From Paris to Sao Paulo, you’ll learn what to drink where .

    49. Intelli This site covers Intelli events worldwide, so coffee lovers all over the world can get in on the latte action going on in their city.

    50. Gimme Coffee! This coffee house operates in Ithaca and Brooklyn and runs a quirky blog that covers everything from various types of roasts the establishment is using and coffee news

There’s always a”hot” new product in the world of coffee. Whether it’s the latest roast from afar or a gadget that makes brewing easier and faster, following these blogs and websites will always keep you in the loop of how to blend.

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How Food Affects Your Brain: 10 Facts We Now Know

You are what you eat. It’s an old adage that speaks volumes on what has become of the American lifestyle. A focus on overly processed foods and a mere brush with fruits and vegetables have lead to an alarming rate in obesity and the detrimental diseases linked to it like diabetes. Documentaries filmed in public schools show children who have no clue what a real potato looks like!

Eating right takes some effort and here are the 10 foods that will make it worthwhile and turn on your brain.

    1. Fish. You won’t get fat from it and it improves your immunity, which keeps you healthy and promotes collagen production which keeps you looking younger, longer. When it comes to how fish affects your brain, the results are amazing. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish ease signs of depression. Fish also keeps the memory portion of the brain alert and working well into old age. Incorporate fish into your diet 2-3 times a week to reap the health benefits. If you’re one that loads up on red meat regularly, you’ll notice the difference fish makes your health almost immediately.

    2. Vegetables. Vegetables? Good for you? Who would have thought? Vegetables are good for nearly every part of your body (organs, digestive system and more), but they’re also fantastic for your brain. A study of over 3,700 women and men showed that those who consumed at least three servings of vegetables a day retained their mental abilities better than those who had fewer than three servings of veggies per day. The study was conducted over three years and showed the best mental results from those who focused on consuming dark, leafy greens. Case in point? Make a dark, leafy salad a part of every meal.

    3. Red wine. Red wine started making headlines a few years ago when we heard it was great for the heart. Thanks to the rich antioxidants in red wine, it’s also the go-to beverage for protecting brain cells. In April of 2010, scientists discovered properties in red wine that help recovering stroke victims. The resveratrol component found in red wine is what protects brain cells from damage during and after a stroke. Researchers have not tested synthetic versions of resveratrol, which is available in health food stores alongside other vitamins, so for now, you’re better off consuming red wine daily to reap the benefits. One glass for women and 2-3 glasses for men is seen as moderate red wine consumption.

    4. Strawberries. Feeling forgetful lately? Strawberries may be the answer. Researches have recently discovered an antioxidant in strawberries that helps preserve the memory and fight Alzheimer’s. It’s the antioxidant properties in strawberries called fistein and it’s said to improve the connection of neurons, leading to a stronger memory. Not only does fistein prevent existing cells from dying, it also contributes to new and strong cell growth. Fistein is also found in peaches, tomatoes, grapes, oranges and onions. Strawberries are also chock full of iodine, which is known to preserve the nerve and brain systems.

    5. Walnuts. Walnuts are packed with lecithin, which fasten the transmitters between brain cells. This means you’re alert and ready to go when anything hits. Besides making you think on your toes, walnuts also improve memory and brain power. Lechitin also slows the aging process in the brain, which may prevent Alzheimer’s. Don’t think you have to put away bags of the nuts to benefit from the components. Having 2-3 walnuts a day will suffice, so stash a bag at your desk and use them as your pick-me-up snack when the mid-afternoon slump rolls around.

    6. Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds should be a go-to snack in your household. Pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc, which is good for your brain in a myriad of ways. Zinc helps your short term memory take off and also improves your abilities to concentrate, especially during a high pressure situation. Just a small handful of pumpkin seeds per day will benefit your brain.

    7. Blueberries. We know blueberries are fabulous for your skin and immune system, but what do they do for our brains? The antocianines are antioxidants that protect the brain from aging, warding off diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. They also improve your motor skills and learning capacity. Chowing down on blueberries improves your navigation skills, short term memory and coordination too. Wash blueberries and stash them in a bowl in the fridge for a quick, accessible snack or mix them into a smoothie on a daily basis.

    8. Sage. This is a major brain food. Sage may not be in your regular diet, but it’s a pretty easy one to fit in when you’re working with proteins at home. Sage improves everything from your short term memory, improve your senses and helps the nervous system. Sage also inhibits the production of the amino acids known for memory loss. So how can you move sage from the produce aisle into your diet? Mince it and use it on pork, chicken or beef. You can also sprinkle it raw onto a salad or steam it in water to extract the oils and sip as a quick DIY tea.

    9. Cacao products. Who doesn’t love chocolate? The unprocessed version of the cacao bean are best and will do much more for your brain than a Snickers bar. Cacao beans have flavonoids, which improve brain cell production and blood flow in the brain. The Theomobrine found in cacao beans also improve the “bliss” factor going on in our brains. However not all cacao is created equal. If you are seeking out the cacao that’s going to keep your brain going strong, you need to look for 100% organic non-alkalized cocoa powder. Mix this in with your coffee or a glass of organic or soy milk to get your cacao fill.

    10. Olive oil. Like fish, olive oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It curbs depression and serves as a healthy fat, which keeps your skin, hair and nails in tip-top shape. This fat is responsible for nerve transmission and cell membranes are comprised of fatty acids. Fatty acids also help build brain cells, making them an essential part of your diet. .

Making a few changes to your diet will create a serious difference in your brain activity and leave you looking and feeling better. If you had kids, these foods will typically help them be more alert and aware in school and also promote healthy eating habits for the long term.

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50 Awesome Blogs for True Tea Aficionados

The most popular hot beverage on the planet, tea in some fashion has been enjoyed for millennia. With a lovely variety likely to suit nearly every palate imaginable, it receives considerable renown for its antioxidant properties and other healthful benefits. As with all other aficionados, passionate tea drinkers boast their own unique set of rituals, tastes and cultural (and sub-cultural) tics. In the following blogs – listed in no particular order – connoisseurs of the cuppa expound upon a number of relevant topics, voicing their opinions, sharing recommendations and recipes, exploring the latest accessories and much more. Tune in to what they have to say for a nice composite on the multifaceted tea culture.

1.) The Voice of Tea

Anything an ardent tea fan could ever want in a blog pops up here at Voice of Tea, which posts up everything from the plants’ rich histories to the usual discussions regarding health benefits.

2.) Tea Guy Speaks

This must-bookmark resource covers a wide variety of tea-related topics for people who enjoy a simple cuppa and ardent aficionados alike.

3.) Heaven of Tea

Official blog of Teavana, a popular distributor of numerous varieties, Heaven of Tea discusses the business of selecting and distributing the world’s favorite beverage.

4.) T Ching

With a passion for tea, design and health, the writers and developers behind T Ching provide visitors with an amazing resource on all things tea.

5.) Insani-TEA Blog

Stop by this fun, accessible site for recipes and information on “every nook and cranny of the wide world of tea.”

6.) The 39 Steeps

Steven Knoerr loves tea, and uses his corner of the internet to spread his passion for the plant through a number of eclectic postings and tasting notes.

7.) English Tea Blog

The English Tea Store mainly emphasizes – SURPRISE! – English tea, though it does discuss other varieties and origins from time to time as well.

8.) Mellow Monk’s Green Tea Blog

Step into the wonderful, healthy world of the much-beloved green tea – and be sure to check out the amazing archives dating all the way back to 2004!

9.) Little Yellow Teapot Tea Reviews

Read through an extensive catalog of tea reviews spanning an impressive spectrum of varieties, opting to either browse by brand or by type.

10.) Teapots Teapots Teapots

Teapots not only play an integral role in brewing up the perfect cuppa, but they also stand on their own as fine works of art and craftsmanship, too!

11.) The Tea Scoop

Anyone who loves tea can appreciate this neat blog that drips with passion, insight and information.

12.) The Tea Review Blog

The Tea Review Blog should be on every fanatic’s bookmark list, and they should check it every day to read expert opinions on the newest brands and selections.

13.) Mad Blog of Tea!

When searching for a little adventure, try the highly enjoyable Mad Blog of Tea for tips and tricks regarding blends.

14.) Steph’s Cup of Tea

Pleasant and useful, blogger Steph keeps her little corner of the tea blogging community accessible to all visitors.

15.) Lainie Sips

Lainie Petersen does not purport any expertise in the field of tea, but she still has some wonderful things to say on the subject all the same.

16.) Gongfu Girl

Focusing mainly on Asian teas, this fantastic, educational blog covers both the beverage, its associated paraphernalia and distinct culture.

17.) Tea Masters

One of Stéphane Erler’s greatest passions involves talking tea with masters in Taiwan and beyond and sharing their stories with a curious audience.

18.) The Taste of English Tea Blog

Another offering by the English Tea Store, offering up in-depth postings on anything and everything related to the world’s most popular beverage.

19.) Indie Teas

Looseleaf and looseleaf accessories are the name of the game here, but Neil Desai does not scrimp on other fun little tea tidbits along the way.

20.) Tea Escapade

Tea Escapade features some excellent recipes, reviews, ruminations and more for the ardent aficionado.

21.) The Sip Tip

Adam Yusko mostly writes reviews of teas – mostly greens – and relevant accessories and books.

22.) Sir William of the Leaf

Predominantly a review site, Sir William of the Leaf describes the brews in question with impressive eloquence.

23.) A Tea Addict’s Journal

“Tea addiction” in this case covers more than just reviews and other musings. Be sure to read up on the history, culture and etiquette protocols as well!

24.) An International Tea Moment

One of the most beautiful elements of tea involves intercultural communication and exchanges, though the unethical labor practices utilized by some definitely weigh down this facet. But when situations are fair, bridging gaps between peoples makes for one of its strongest assets.

25.) The Half-Dipper

Spiritual, soothing and creative, The Half-Dipper pays homage to Chinese culture and tea through reviews, ruminations and gentle haiku as well as describes the Chinese gongfu-style tea preparation in detail.

26.) MattCha’s Blog

This blogger knows and loves his teas, lovingly describing his finds and travels with anyone who wants to hear what he has to say.

27.) Black Dragon Tea Bar

Located in Seattle, the Black Dragon Tea Bar wants to spread a love of tea and tea culture – particularly Chinese – beyond Washington’s borders.

28.) Sip Locally

Although the efforts of an independent tea house in Florida, Sip Locally has plenty of information to benefit its international readership.

29.) Wrong Fu Cha

Explore the world and culture of different teas through some amazingly detailed photographs and stories.

30.) Tea Goober

Hit up Tea Goober for news and views on a plethora of different Asian varieties, predominantly Pu erh.

31.) Teaviews.com

With over 3,300 reviews (and counting!), the Teaviews blog makes for an essential online resource for true tea aficionados.

32.) Joie de Tea

Both a blog and a shop, Joie de Tea offers up almost everything that fans of the brewed beverage could possibly need in an online resource.

33.) Bon Teavant

From grower to teapot, this multimedia blog explores all the ins and outs of tea culture in America – a region where coffee reigns as the preferred beverage.

34.) The Teatropolitan Times

Another must-bookmark resource for tea fanatics, this blog sports a glossary, reviews of different varieties and accessories, a glossary of terms and more!

35.) Camellia Sinensis

The Imperial Tea Court of San Francisco – an alliance of multiple Chinese teahouses and teaware suppliers – updates frequently regarding its latest happenings, discoveries, advice and more.

36.) Tea Obsession

Discussions regarding oolongs comprise the majority of Tea Obsession’s content, but other types do make an appearance from time to time.

37.) Tea Arts

Run by the International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association, this amazing resource makes for one of the most informative reads for beginner and experienced tea fanatics alike.

38.) teasquared

All facets of tea and tea appreciation – from reviews to history – end up covered here, making it another must-bookmark for avowed drinkers in search of the tastiest cuppa.

39.) Wonders of Tea

Politics, culture, current events and health reports regarding the much-beloved plant characterize this fantastic and popular blog.

40.) Walker Tea Review

Jason Walker blends his love of multimedia with a passion for tea to bring visitors a blog featuring video reviews of a broad spectrum of brands and types.

41.) Bearsblog

Pu reh fanatics have a blog to call home, where they can pop on by and read reviews of the latest leaves and tips and tricks on how to enjoy them to their fullest potential.

42.) CHA DAO

Many different contributors offer up their own thoughts on both tea and tea culture alike with the hopes of spreading the love and exchanging ideas and opinions.

43.) The Leaf

Online magazine The Leaf presents its articles in blog format, separated by issue number. Their content mainly revolves around crossroads between tea and Taoism.

44.) Life in Teacup

An English-Chinese translator reflects not only on tea’s physical benefits, but how it helps to promote good health and cultural understanding. Be sure to also stop by for brewing tips, too!

45.) About.com: Coffee/Tea

Those who enjoy both coffee and tea will certainly appreciate the detailed postings available through About.com’s dedicated portal.

46.) The Mandarin’s Tea

Very popular, The Mandarin’s Tea Room expounds upon a wide number of relevant topics – reviews, travels, advice and more.

47.) Tea&co.

Even those who do not speak Spanish can still marvel at the artistry on display here, with cups and pots suitable for varying tastes. Anyone with the time to run the blog through Google Translate will be met with some fine recipes and recommendations.

48.) teaspoons & petals

Fashionable tea drinkers who wish to indulge their tastebuds and look good doing it can certainly appreciate what teaspoons & petals means to accomplish.

49.) Tea and Talk

Sip a cuppa and enjoy a nice chit-chat about all things tea – from the casual to the oh-so-classy and everything in between.

50.) Tea For Me Please

Nicole Ann Martin drinks quite a bit of tea, and she shares her favorites and not-so-favorites with her fellow connoisseurs.

Tea lovers everywhere need not look far for the latest information and opinions on their favorite brews! The internet steeps with dead and active blogs alike, recounting travels, experiences and – of course – tastes from around the world. Newcomers and seasoned veterans both can find something to love and appreciate with these fantastic resources.

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50 Best Southern Food Blogs

With 50 states and over 200 years of cooking under its belt, the United States of America is just as subject to regional cooking as any other nation. One of the most noted and recognizable areas of American remains the South. With states from Texas to Florida, the ideas and practices of Southern food are as complex as they are vast.

In order to make sense of it all, we have gathered the 50 best Southern food blogs. With everyone from professional chefs to plain old mom weighing in, you are sure to find a new family favorite or just something to make for dinner tonight.

Best Southern Food Blogs by a Woman

The First Ladies of Southern cooking have loads to share on their blogs.

    1. Pioneer Woman Cooks : Ree is a “desperate housewife”with a touch of Lucille Ball, Vivian Leigh, and Ethel Merman. Check out her blog to see cooking pioneer style. Pizzas, breakfast burritos, and blackberry cheesecake are just some of the faves on this popular blog.

    2. Paula Deen : She is the popular chef sporting down home eats on the Food Network. Get Paula’s very own recipes for everything from appetizers to kid friendly recipes. You can get a menu for the week, check out the audio blog, and much more on the massive site.

    3. Biscuits and Such : Elena actually bases her Southern food blog out of Baltimore. She writes her own recipes as a mix of traditional and modern cooking. Entries such as a habanero grouper and bacon blue cheese burgers will get you interested.

    4. Deep South Dish : This blog is about basic, country style Southern cooking with an emphasis on coastal South dishes and cooking from scratch. This mother has literally been dishing it out since the seventies and shares here. Summer favorites from fire ‘n ice pickles and boiled peanuts are featured.

    5. Homesick Texan : Lisa left her home state of Texas to move to the Big City. As stated in the name of the blog, she dedicates her writings to the food she left behind. Favorites include biscuits, carnitas, chicken-fried steak, and more.

    6. Southern Lady Cooks : This blogger believes that Southern cooking is a labor of love and shares timeless favorites such as buttermilk biscuits. Cooking tips, featured recipes, and delicious looking pictures greet everyone who visits. She even features the “Ten Commandments of Grits”for true Southerners.

    7. Y’all Come On! : With a name like that, the blog has to be good. Christy Clark is a misplaced Southern belle who moved to Florida. She brought her cooking with her and shares loads of it here.

    8. Backyard Southern Gourmet : Armadillo Pepper is a virtual blogger in the world of Southern food. Listen to the latest audio entry or even get entries on how to make food overseas with a Southern flare. Simple and easy recipes are often the topic of each post.

    9. Fabulous Southern Foodie : Ann Margaret is from Georgia where she enjoys the best of Southern food. She often features pre-prepared meals as well as her own. The blog also stands out for those looking to lose weight.

Best Southern Food Blogs by a Man

The men weigh in via blog on their Southern cooking favorites.

    10. New Orleans Cuisine : Danno dedicates his Southern food blog to New Orleans and Louisiana cooking. Recipes are ideal for the Creole or Cajun and include many Southern favorites. Recent ones include praline bacon and peach salsa pork chops.

    11. Sugar Pies Food : Buck is originally from South Carolina and now lives in Tucson. His mother was a Southern cook and continues the tradition in the blog. A good choice if desserts are your thing.

    12. Blackened Out : Peter and Rene believe New Orleans is one of the staple cities of America. Check out the latest happenings in food in the area with a visit. The top 20 post Katrina offerings are often shared.

    13. Hushpuppy Nation : Rick McDaniel is a food historian, chef, and writer who specializes in Southern food. He devotes his blog to the history and culture of Southern food. A while can pass between posts but if entries such as lemon sherbet and beaten biscuits intrigue you, be sure to visit.

    14. Slim Pickins Pork : Andrew explores the nuances of the pig in this blog. He hopes to elevate rustic cuisine to a high art. Burgers were the topic of a recent entry.

    15. Chef Rick’s Southern Cooking : Click here to get loads of Southern recipes. Rick keeps this as more of a database than blog but offers loads of entries on appetizers, drinks, and pickles. Be sure not to miss the part on soul food.

Best Southern Food Blogs by a Site

These sites devote part or all of their blogs to Southern cooking.

    16. Southern Plate : Christy Jordan had economics inspirations until she developed this site specializing in recipes below the Mason-Dixon Line. Targeting cooks of all ages and skills, she hopes to share Southern cooking with people all over the world. Useful videos, classics, and much more await with just a click.

    17. Eating My Words : The secret food adventures of the staff at “Southern Living”magazine are featured here. Categories include the test kitchen, restaurants, and even wine. You can also get loads of other tools and resources for food and other ways to live a Southern life.

    18. Southern Food : About.com is a site where many experts stop by to blog and Southern food is not excluded. Diana Tattray has been blogging on the topic since 1997 and offers many entries. Must reads include crockpot recipes, mac and cheese, and easy chicken.

    19. Southern USA : Many culinary classics of the American South are shared on Allrecipes.com. Favorites include fried chicken, biscuits, and sweet potato pie. Visit to check out the featured cook or even share your own recipe.

    20. Southern Recipes : Ol’ South Recipes has a list for authentic recipes. Current entries include fried green tomatoes. You can also get entries that use avocado, chili, omelets, and much more.

    21. Easy Southern Cooking : Quick recipes for the beginner are the focus here. Choose from soup, sides, beverages, and much more. You can even learn to make complex foods the easy way such as jelly, jam, and preserves.

    22. Mama’s Southern Cooking Blog : If mom was a big part of your Southern cooking experience, this is the blog for you. It features recipes commonly associated with parents of Southerners. Favorites such as casseroles and potato salad are all here.

    23. Southern : More of a database than a blog, this is a must visit. The Food Network has over two thousand recipes listed as Southern. Current top entries include a Southern shrimp boil, deviled eggs, and fried chicken.

    24. Southern Foodways Alliance : This organizations documents, studies, and celebrates the culture of Southern cooking. The blog lets you know what they are up to, as well as shares award winning recipes. With entries dating back to 2003, make time for this one.

Best Barbeque Southern Food Blogs

Because loads of Southern food is cooked outdoors, check out these blogs.

    25. Boy Meets Grill : Bobby Flay is the host of a show on the Food Network of the same name. Get recipes, tips, and even videos by visiting. Be sure not to miss “Killer Grilling Tips”with everything from the master griller to newbie.

    26. BBQ Hub : The world of barbeque is featured on this popular blog. Choose from topics such as contests, restaurants, teams, and more. They even did a recent entry on fried chicken.

    27. Barbeques & Grilling : Derrick Riches writes all about these topics in another entry from About.com. Must reads include the best gas grills and recipe of the week. One of the latest entries was on the top ten accessories for the grill.

    28. Livefire : The Beringer Great Steak Challenge is the topic of concern currently on this blog. However, you can get tips and pictures on how to pit BBQ or even make lobster on the grill. Be sure not to miss the Friday Food Faves with more.

    29. Patio Daddio BBQ : Musings on barbeque, cooking, and life are served here. Popular recipes here include seasoning and classic drumsticks. You can even get random recipes on items such as Hungarian entries and rattlesnake tails.

    30. BBQ Blog : Brian Pearcy has published over 750 articles on the topic and has won awards for his spice rub. Learn more by visiting. He recently posted the results of a reader poll on smokers.

    31. Ribs Within : This is the blog of an actual and professional BBQ team. See where they are traveling, what contest they are entering, and most of all, what they are making. There is also a special section for recipes.

    32. White Trash BBQ : Stop here for real pit barbeque straight from New York City. He actually competes in the KCBS Championship and shares more here. Contest and grilling tips are often shared.

    33. BBQ Addicts : Visit for the home of “America’s Hottest Barbeque Recipe.” Featured on Good Morning American and CNN, they get around. A recent entry was on the best of bacon.

    34. A BBQ Nation : Get the official blog of Smoke in ‘Da Eye here. One of their most recent entries was on how to barbeque a breakfast. Specifically, it was a waffle cheese burger.

    35. BBQ Sauce Reviews : Need something to go with all that food? Then stop here to get reviews for BBQ sauce before you buy. Choose from one to five star sauces and even get random entries for fruit or gluten free sauce.

Best Cajun Southern Food Blogs

Because the French also influenced Southern food, have a look at these blogs.

    36. Real Cajun Cooking : Jacques Gaspard is your host to everything Cajun in this blog. He shows readers how to cook like a Cajun and even develop their own style. The latest recipe is on creamy chicken and oyster stew.

    37. New Orleans Food and Recipe News : The site NOLA.com hosts this blog. Food and recipes are shared as well as the latest dining news. Food related happenings around the city are also shared.

    38. The Bear Growls : Arthur “The Bear”shares dining habits, rants, and diatribes. The world of Southern Louisiana is focused on but he can occasionally wander. The interesting back story of a restaurant he recently visited is also shared.

    39. Roux B Doo’s Cajun and Creole Food Blog : Learn the difference between the two in this blog. Tim often features the best in Southern food and offers links to favorite restaurants and more. He also has the option to download recipe books.

    40. NOLA Cuisine : The food of New Orleans, Louisiana is celebrated here. Get the most popular entries such as shrimp etouffee and creole with a click. They also have reviews for restaurants in the area.

    41. The Boudin Link : Learn more about the Cajun style of sausage here. Get a virtual guide to it by visiting here. Maps to recommendations, recipes, and more are detailed.

    42. Peanut Butter Etouffee : This recipe and other oddities are featured on the blog. Art projects and more off topic picks are also shared. You can even learn how to make steam driven cookies with a visit.

    43. The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page : This is a good first stop for newbies to Cajun cooking. Chuck Taggart is a native from New Orleans and shares the basics and beyond of this type of Southern food. Appetizers, Po-Boys, and many others are shared.

    44. Gumbo and Other Tales : Sara has not been active in posting lately but is still worth a look. With two blogs to choose from, she has loads about gumbo. See where she has been and what was cooked on the blog.

Best Specialty Southern Food Blogs

These food blogs have a Southern specialty in mind.

    45. Southern Savers : Get information on coupons, deals, giveaways, and more for the Southerner on this site. Stores such as Target and Walgreens are often the subject of entries. There are even guides for getting started.

    46. Mommy’s Kitchen : This mother knows that the best childhood memories often take place in the kitchen. With that and Southern food in mind, she blogs a virtual kitchen of recipes and tips. The current feature is cake mix dinner rolls.

    47. Soul Fusion Kitchen : Sylvie believes the kitchen is the hub of all social events in the home. Holiday parties, outdoor BBQ, luncheons, dinner, and brunch with a soulful look are featured here. A recent post was on a BBQ competition.

    48. Madame Monaco’s Moreish Menus and Morsels : What does a French Canadian know about Southern food? Visit her blog to find out. Although recipes reach across both countries, she still features a few recipes from her native South. Cooking tags are on everything from African to vegetables.

    49. Soul Food and Southern Cooking : Visit here to get the soul in the South. Loads of recipes are available with a click and are for everyone from the meat lover to the diabetic. They also offer cooking tips.

    50. The Chicken Fried Blog : A Southern favorite, the blog makes no apologies for being about its favorite dish. Get reviews for fried chicken from all over the country. Entries are sparse but worth it if you love fried chicken as much as they do.

No matter your cooking knowledge, skill, or even location, there is loads to learn in the above 50 best Southern food blogs. With growing interest and no signs of slowing, there is a reason it is so popular.

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