Culinary Arts College is a site dedicated to elevating American cuisine by encouraging a new generation of chefs to attend a culinary arts college.

As formally trained chefs, it is our belief that many potentially great chefs, limit their opportunities by not obtaining a formal education, so it is the goal of this website to inform students about the educational process, their degree options, some pitfalls to watch out for, and what to expect when attending a culinary arts college.

This website is maintained by Chef Cindy Cullen and Chef Joseph Morris. If you have any questions about the content or have a technical question, please contact us.

Recent Feedback

We love site comments and feedback, both positive and negative. Here’s a sampling of some recent comments we’ve received…

“I wanted to say also that I LOVE this site! What a wonderful idea to encourage folks to go to culinary school…not because I teach at one but because that is the reason I began teaching to begin with… it took me 15 years to learn what I teach in 6 months in school…I wanted to help people too…and it is so fun teaching those excited about this industry!
So THANK YOU for doing this site!!”
– Stephany Buswell