Job Prospects and Career Opportunities in Culinary Arts

What can you do with a culinary degree? Learning advanced cooking and baking skills can lead to any number of awesome jobs. Let’s take a look at the options available.

Types of Culinary Jobs

The most obvious path you can take after graduating with a degree in culinary arts is to work in a commercial kitchen. Smaller restaurants typically only have two or three food preparers working in the kitchen, but larger restaurants have entire teams. The chef is in charge, but the sous chef, saucier, pastry chef, and other team members also play an important role in the kitchen. You can also work in a bakery if you enjoy working with pastries, work for a catering company, work in a non-traditional kitchen (like on a cruise ship), become a restaurant manager, work as a personal chef, become a food stylist, or even pursue a television chef career.

Responsibilities in the Culinary Field

No matter what your job in the culinary field, your responsibility will be to ensure that your guests have the best meal experience possible. However, this job goes beyond just making sure the food tastes good (though that is a big part of it!). You must also make sure the food looks good, the environment where it is prepared is clean and safe, and the overall atmosphere is inviting to guests. In many jobs, you’ll also be tasked with talking to customers, so being a “people person” is important. Lastly, to work in top positions in this field, you must be a strong, organized leader. A working kitchen is like a well-oiled machine, and you need to be responsible for your station or for the entire team.

Find a Top Culinary Position

Becoming a restaurant’s executive chef or even opening your own business is possible, regardless of your current positions. The fastest way to advance in the culinary field is to get an education. While you can work your way up the ladder without formal education, most top restaurants and food-related businesses won’t consider applicants who have not been through a culinary program, so experience is only a piece of the equation. Keep in mind that the training doesn’t have to end when you graduate. You can take short courses and even day-long or weekend classes to continually learn new skills.

Guide to Culinary Arts Colleges

Art Institute The Art Institute offers an online bachelor's degree that combines culinary appreciation with essential management skills. This involves learning vital skills such as food purchasing and staffing decisions as well as learning to manage a variety of personnel such as cooks, wait-staff and kitchen prep staff. The program is designed to develop successful culinary managers by teaching the skills necessary to address the critical issues encountered in the field. This program is the perfect choice for working culinary professionals who have an associate's degree in culinary arts and the motivation to succeed in an online environment.
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Ashworth College Ashworth offers an online professional gourmet cooking and catering program. The Gourmet Cooking and Catering program is composed of 20 in-depth lessons which include learning hundreds of recipes as well as practical skills such as food selection, storage, and preparation for settings such as catering, fine dining, restaurants, and banquets. An institution with a reputation for educational excellence, Ashworth College offers students a variety of online training options. With the added bonus of flexibility and affordability, it's no surprise that Ashworth College is a leader in culinary and hospitality management training.
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Penn Foster Career School Penn Foster offers an accredited online culinary degree which focuses on skilled cooking and catering. In this program, you'll learn how to prepare everything from hors d'oeuvres to complete ten course meals. You will learn how to conduct basic and advanced food preparation along with creating your own new, unique dishes. This program prepares you to work for restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other food service establishments. You could choose to work in an establishment with a broad menu or you could specialize in a certain area such as pastries. Join Penn Foster today and uncover the recipe for success!
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Allied Schools Allied's online restaurant management degree provides skills important to managing a kitchen or restaurant including staffing, food preparation, accounting and finance, and leadership skills. The program prepares you to effectively lead a team of people, while meeting the needs of the hotel or restaurant guests. Students are taught to make important decisions every day with their knowledge of daily operations, customer service, staffing and finance. They will have the know-how to keep a hotel or restaurant running properly. Achieve your goals with convenient online instruction, live student support and Allied's comprehensive materials.
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