Voracious Reading: 50 Amazing Food & Travel Blogs

One does not have to reserve a regular table at French Laundry to appreciate food to attain the title of a true connoisseur of all things culinary. A real foodie understands the undeniable charms of small street stands and divey greasy spoons, chowing down on meals of all kinds with equal enthusiasm. Unsurprisingly, the lure of experiencing new tastes and sensations inspires many gourmands to take up travel as a hobby. Skipping across the planet in search of the perfect plate, they take to the internet to dissect the cultural contexts of different foodstuffs. What results is an amazing amalgamation of philosophies and practices that almost anyone can appreciate. Those without the resources to travel can still discover how even their own homes and cities can yield valuable gustatory treasures by applying many of the principles contained therein. After all, exploring does not always indicate a shift in geography!

1.) Chow

More than just a blog, Chow and its accompanying Chowhound community bring together foodies from all over the world to discuss everything from the tastiest street vendors to the most luxurious gourmet establishments. And home cooking as well!

2.) Lifestyle at Condé Nast Archive Blog

Anyone looking for a kicky retro peek into Condé Nast’s highlife highlights should read over Epicurean and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for vintage culinary and adventurous delights. Neither update too often, but they do warrant a look.

3.) Anthony Bourdain

Former chef and current writer and host of the thoroughly engaging No Reservations on the Travel Channel Anthony Bourdain describes his amazing in food and international journeys with the same wry, world-weary wit as his books and show.

4.) Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

Though a general travel blog, Nomadic Matt still overflows with some amazing tales of food and food culture from around the world.

5.) Food Trails and Tales

As the title implies, the O’Reillys share their culinary (and wine!) experiences from a nicely diverse selection of nations. They spend a lot of time traveling for work, so updates aren’t as frequent as some blogs.

6.) Five Flavours

Travel through New Zealand and visually drink in the best international cuisines that the fun-loving country has to offer.

7.) TravelPod

Passionate travelers with a wide variety of interests, backgrounds and experiences come together to share the best and worst of where life has lead them. A beautifully diverse selection of food posts round out the site.

8.) Rambling Spoon

Former Gourmet Asia editor Karen Coates keeps an incredible, award-winning blog that fuses travel, food, ecology, history and politics into one impressively engaging package.

9.) Tripbase

The Tripbase blog lays it heavy on the travel without ever really skimping on the food and drink. Be sure to check out their advice for novice and seasoned travelers alike!

10.) The Traveler’s Lunchbox

The Traveler’s Lunchbox has rightfully received considerable accolades from the food and travel blogging communities. Few resources off such detailed descriptions of the intimate relationship between culture and cuisine as this absolutely amazing, must-bookmark blog.

11.) The Caffeinated Traveler

Trips, chocolate, caffeine and “food glorious food” converge here at The Caffeinated Traveler, though the majority of the content focuses more on the first topic.

12.) Eating Asia

Drool over some of the most sumptuous foods the entire Asian continent has to offer…both the descriptions and the photographs will likely induce swooning in travel and food enthusiasts alike!!

13.) Appetite

Penny De Los Santos chronicles her journeys through food and geography through some incredibly informative photographs and descriptions. Culinary culture never looked so lush and approachable – readers can certainly see how sharing meals bridges gaps between different peoples.

14.) treehousekitchen

Although mostly about recipes and other culinary tales, this New Zealand foodie does a fantastic job of also bringing in international cultures and travels into the mix as well.

15.) Rambling Tart

Krista Bjorn shares some absolutely scrumptious recipes and valuable travel and dining tips with warm, welcoming prose.

16.) Parla Food

Although mainly emphasizing the delightful, world-renowned fare to be found in Italy, Parla Food does expand its horizons for other international travels and cuisines as well. A blog not to be missed for any reason!

17.) Food Voices at the Atlantic

The Atlantic keeps a frequently updated food feed that covers everything from the latest restaurants, trends in home cooking, travel tips, politics and much more.

18.) My Morning Chocolate

Recipes, field trip suggestions and more comprise the majority of My Morning Chocolate’s content, though most of it revolves around food over travel.

19.) The Silk Road Gourmet

Fans of food and travel who want their lessons dripping with historical and cultural contexts must absolutely read this highly educational blog. As the title states, almost all of it involves the peoples and places along The Silk Road.

20.) Global Table Adventure

Home chefs hoping to serve a diverse selection of world cuisines to their visitors will want to follow this 195-week culinary journey through 195 countries and 195 meals. Every week features recipes and travel, geographical and cultural information for the featured nation.

21.) Japanese Snack Reviews

Japan is known for its (comparatively) wild snack foods, and this fun blog travels the islands in search of the best, the worst and the staggeringly mediocre.

22.) Serious Eats

Food aficionados from around the world gather at Serious Eats to trade restaurant advice, trends, recipes and anything that brings together cultures over a mutual admiration of the culinary arts.

23.) Gourmantic

The staff at Gourmantic seek to provide a fantastic online periodical for food and travel aficionados alike, making it an undeniable must-read. It has earned an impressive litany of awards for a reason.

24.) shantiwallah

Marie Zamborski imbues her travel, food and writing blog with an almost mystical, spiritual aura that lures in readers and treats them to some delightful, occasionally sensual, stories.

25.) Chubby Hubby

Stop by the award-winning recipes, food stories and travels over at Chubby Hubby and see the myriad beautiful reasons why it creates so much well-earned buzz.

26.) In Transit

This informative and frequently-updated offering from The New York Times keeps even experienced travelers informed about the latest news, trends, sights and – of course – tastes from around the wanderlust community.

27.) Cheryl Marie Cordeiro

A sexy, stylish blog for travelers who enjoy chasing fashion, trends, luscious foods and ultra-high-class living.

28.) Fuchsia Dunlop

A food and travel writer muses on the thrilling and diverse amount of culinary arts and culture in China, with particular attention paid to the Szechuan region.

29.) Jim’s Chocolate Mission

This man has the enviable task of experiencing the world through its chocolate without ever having to contend with cancelled flights and lost luggage. A perfect read for those wanting to live vicariously through someone else’s high-calorie, high-sugar experiences.

30.) whine & dine

Although mostly about foodie adventures in Hong Kong, plenty of content here is devoted to travel and photography as well – and many of these subjects overlap as well!

31.) Farsighted Fly Girl

Take travel writing with a generous shot of food, fashion and culture courtesy of the undeniably fabulous Rosalind Cummings-Yeates.

32.) Hella Delicious

Several writers blog about food and travel on a local and global scale, opining on how cuisine both shapes and is shaped by the surrounding cultural stimuli.

33.) Bento Lunch blog

Tour of Japan through the eyes of a woman in Germany who just can’t get enough of bento lunches…and lunch boxes!!

34.) The Art and Science of Food

Indonesian and Asian fusion cuisine comprise the core of this blog, which usually involves information on dishes, recipes and a few tidbits for the visiting traveler.

35.) Alison’s Culinary Travel Blog

About.com’s Alison Wellner keeps a food and travel blog catering to a general audience full of greenhorns and experts alike.

36.) Dining & Travel at Epicurious

Read about the best of the best restaurants that the world’s most popular tourist destinations have to offer – and emerging food trends as well!

37.) Our Tasty Travels

Food and beverage tours, restaurants and recipes – everything a globetrotting gourmand could ever want in a blog can be found right here at Our Tasty Travels.

38.) Cafe Fernando

Home chefs hoping to recreate the scrumptious dishes Cenk Sönmezsoy discovers in his native Istanbul and while traipsing about the planet on culinary adventures.

39.) Travels | Saveur

Saveur tends to emphasize culinary travels in more popular tourist cities such as Chicago and Paris, so any foodies looking for more out-of-the-way niches should turn their attentions elsewhere. Less adventurous types, however, will love it.

40.) My Inner Fatty

Nicholas Chen is amazing. He loves and appreciates food with a blissfully snarky sense of humor while simultaneously educating readers on the tantalizing dishes he finds wandering around Taiwan.

41.) The Eaten Path

As every contributor to the completely absorbing The Eaten Path knows, a journey through and to food can be just as important as the meal itself.

42.) David Lebovitz

Most of David Lebovitz’s sensual accounts of lush foods and trends center around Paris, but he does an excellent job of recounting his many travels and culinary experiences as well.

43.) Lannae’s Food and Travel

This very delightful, very pink blog showcases the gustatory pleasures to be had in Nashville, but Lannae Long does not shy away from sharing her travels elsewhere and discussing trends from other regions.

44.) Vagablond

Most people, in their lifetime, will never be able to afford the luxury vacations and gourmet foods and drinks featured on Vagablond. Normal folks will have to live vicariously and enviously through the exploits of the obscenely wealthy instead.

45.) Chocolate & Zucchini

Rich sweets coating fresh, zesty vegetables sounds pretty awful, but fortunately this blog’s content greatly transcends its initially off-putting title. Recipes, trends, travels and much, much more make this an essential read for all foodies sore afflicted with wanderlust.

46.) Writing with My Mouth Full

New York locals and visitors will adore the detailed restaurant reviews. Travelers around the world will adore browsing the tips, tricks and recommendations. And home chefs will adore the recipes. There is definitely something for all foodies and adventurers here.

47.) The Feisty Foodie

Although one could learn a goodly portion of the ins and outs of ethnic cuisine wandering the streets of New York – which forms the majority of The Feisty Foodie – there are thankfully plenty of entries from elsewhere as well.

48.) Culinary Travel at Suite 101

Elaine Findlay presides over a number of different writers who cover foods familiar and fancy from around the world, highlighting the intersections between culinary and cultural delights.

49.) La Tartine Gourmande

Learn how to whip up scrumptious foods, read about cuisine’s influence on culture (and vice versa!) and visually drink some seriously amazing travels.

50.) delicious days

This highly acclaimed website caters to foodies who love traveling and cooking as much as indulging their digestive tracts at standout street vendors and restaurants.

Because every culture on the planet boasts its own rich culinary tradition (don’t snicker…the British DO count!), it makes for an excellent conduit for fostering harmony between peoples. Foodies of all types frequently indulge their wanderlust and love of the culinary arts, exploring the world in search of the latest and greatest on the streets and at the hottest tables alike. Even then, though, travel does not have to mean getting in the car or hopping on a plane. One can still explore the flavors of the world with a nicely stocked kitchen and a trip to the grocery store, after all!

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