50 Awesome Blogs for True Coffee Aficionados

Nearly every one needs a cup of coffee to get them going in the morning. Coffee has taken on a whole new audience thanks to the surge of hipster coffee joints. Moms and dads hit coffee chain establishments that are on every corner, while college kids hit independent joints. In a follow up to 50 Awesome Blogs for True Tea Aficionados, we present a list for true coffee lovers to check out when exploring how to French presse the perfect cup of Joe or what’s the latest and greatest going on in the world of coffee.

Best Coffee Blogs

Taking in the coffee scene can take the most seasoned off guard. Learn about coffee and techniques from around the globe to take your sipping experience to the next level.

    1. Pure Coffee This coffee blog tracks and reviews coffee houses from around the world. Whether you’re in Italy or the UK, there’s a coffee house nearby (and this blog will tell you if there’s wi-fi!).

    2. Brewed Coffee This blog dubs itself”for caffeine addicts only” and gives you the skinny on the history of coffee houses.

    3. Transcend Coffee This is the coffee blog connected to a coffee house, but their blog gives you a useful rundown of new products, how they work and how they’re selling.

    4. Java Jeb This blog covers everything from the blogger’s daily exploits to religion with plenty of coffee chatter in-between.

    5. Small Axe Coffee This blog is dedicated to your coffee part of the small axe philosophy. This means paying attention to where your coffee comes from, supporting fair trade for farmers and organic production that doesn’t harm the ecosystem in which your beans come from.

    6. Coffee Sage This coffee blog is dedicated to brining you the latest in coffee news. It talks about studies and events all revolving around coffee.

    7. Coffee Ratings – The Shot This is the blog from Coffee Ratings and it’s packed with information on choosing the right beans for your taste buds and what to do with them once you’re home.

    8. Coffee Kids This is the blog for a fantastic organization dedicated to helping the places where our coffee comes from. It’s an important topic to become familiar with if you’re the regular (or seldom) coffee drinker.

    9. Barista Magazine – Blog The blog of this online magazine is a brilliant resource for coffee professionals at any stage. Read about events and industry news at this blog.

    10. Carl Sara While this blog no longer publishes, it will give serious coffee lovers an insider’s look at the world of professional coffee and brewing, including a breakdown of equipment and techniques.

    11. Dwell Time – Coffee This began as a coffee blog and then expanded, but there’s still a plentiful supply of coffee chatter including how to perfect espresso.

    12. Jay Strange Blog This coffee blog is penned by a pro in Baltimore, but he walks us through various brewing techniques that can be implemented anywhere.

    13. Twitchy You and coffee have to practically be one and the same to relate this blog. It’s all about travel, coffee and the characters in the industry, which just happen to be some of the hilarious people you’ll come across on the Internet.

    14. God Shot This ex-barista can’t get away from coffee! The blogger breaks down their techniques for superb espresso shots you’ll want to create ASAP.

    15. Has Blog If you’re an avid coffee drinker and are looking to bring roasting and blending into your home, this blog should be your first stop for the ins-and-outs of the basics.

    16. Barista Exchange This is the online home for coffee professionals who work with specialty and gourmet coffees. While it’s aimed at pros, the at-home brewer will appreciate the inspiration.

    17. Gabe Lucas This is a personal blog, but the blogger is a pro barista, which means loads of brewing tips that even the seasoned coffee lover can learn from.

    18. Meet the Press Pot This blog covers many aspects of coffee, most recently putting a Japanese hand scoop front and center for coffee lovers to drool over.

    19. Shot Zombies It’s all about competition on brewing at this site. It’s organized and easy to find what you’re looking for when it comes to espresso

    20. Man Seeking Fire Coffee lovers who know their stuff will quickly become addicted to this blog that explores everything from new brewing techniques to reviews of coffee houses in the U.S.

    21. Coffee Llama This blog no longer updates, but the personal tone and great tips for roasting at home will intrigue coffee afficionados experimenting on their own.

    22. Jim Hoffman’s Coffee Blog This coffee blog updates often, so be sure to check back regularly for the blogger’s musings on roasting the perfect blend and what role sugar plays when sipping a cup of Joe.

    23. Daniel’s World of Coffee We love this blog because it’s written like a good ol’ fashioned blog should be – with a personal perspective and passion for the topic, which in this case is coffee.

    24. Coffee Crew Blog Stocked with a forum, tips on brewing and blends from all over the world, you’ll love this coffee blog for learning more.

    25. Sweet Maria’s The online coffee community (yes, there is one) agrees that this is one of the best coffee blogs on the web, making it a must-read for afficionados.

Best Online Resources for Learning More About Coffee

Want to know more? Check out these websites for even more coffee talk that will make you the most knowledgeable kid on the block.

    26. Home Roasters This blog is all about roasting your own coffee at home. The forum will keep you busy for hours as you learn how to get the perfect cup on your own.

    27. Coffee Detective A great blog for coffee beginners or vets, this site is packed with information on distinguishing fair trade and organic coffees and how to make coffee drinks at home.

    28. Coffe Scholars If you’re a coffee lover who’s taking your coffee game pro, these are the folks to talk to to make sure things go according to plan.

    29. Coffeed This is an online gathering place for coffee afficionados. Everything from brewing to roasting to industry events are discussed here.

    30. Chemically Imbalanced This is one of the leading online resources for getting that cup of coffee right. We love it because it has industry news and plenty of commentary making it more than just a how-to site.

    31. Cup of Excellence Who will win in 2010? Check out some of the award winning roasts and beans crowned by this organization loved by coffee afficionados worldwide.

    32. Rate My Rosetta The serious coffee drinker already knows what a rosetta is and at this site you can take a look at the eye candy that swirls in that perfect cup of coffee.

    33. Sprudge This site boasts itself as a coffee community tabloid. What does that translate to? Well, to get started you’ll see the results from online latte art competitions.

    34. Barista Exchange It’s an online social network for baristas! Connect and chat with other pros in the industry to get your inspiration flowing.

    35. Portola Coffee Coffee news is what this blog is all about. Plus, the blogger offers tips like how to use coffee for DIY beauty treatments!

Best Coffee Blogs by City

Some bloggers are eager to share their coffee knowledge from their hometown. Check out these bloggers who review coffee houses and events going on in their area.

    36. Vancouver Coffee It’s all coffee coverage from Vancouver at this fun blog that will make discovering the city’s coffee scene an awesome experience.

    37. Wired Not to be confused with the online tech magazine, this Wired is all about finding the perfect cup in Canada.

    38. 417 Coffee Get the scoop from a true coffee fan an home roaster in Missouri. Instead of a simple blog limited to talking coffee in the 417 area code, the site has evolved into a network for coffee lovers.

    39. Caffenation Live from Antwerp, this blogger is a professional who shares his tricks of the trade and reviews exotic beans for roasting.

    40. Colin Harmon This Dubliner shows you how to get it done in style when it comes to brewing the perfect cup.

    41. Coffee and Crema This blog is penned by the owner of the Coffee and Crema coffee shops in Greenville, South Carolina. It proves that you can be passionate about coffee, not matter where you are in the world.

    42. Deaton Coffee news from California, plus recommendations for food and drinks throughout Southern California.

    43. Portland Roasting Blog Portland Roasting brings fair trade coffee to the Portland area and how makes it available for everyone to buy. Find out what the company is doing to keep the coffee industry eco and ethically friendly.

    44. Peregrine Espresso This blog is from a coffeehouse in DC. They were recently featured in Food & Wine magazine for using the Japanese method for producing iced coffee.

    45. Mentness From Newcastle, England, this pro barista shares tips on cleaning your equipment and how to blend for an amazing cup at home.

    46. Gauperaa Even in Oslo coffee drinkers are serious about what’s in their cup. There’s also helpful videos about steaming milk for a killer latte.

    47. Joe Coffee Blog This is a small coffee chain in New York City and they’re active in the community, both the regular and coffee varieties.

    48. Flying Thud Read the travel exploits of a coffee lover. From Paris to Sao Paulo, you’ll learn what to drink where .

    49. Intelli This site covers Intelli events worldwide, so coffee lovers all over the world can get in on the latte action going on in their city.

    50. Gimme Coffee! This coffee house operates in Ithaca and Brooklyn and runs a quirky blog that covers everything from various types of roasts the establishment is using and coffee news

There’s always a”hot” new product in the world of coffee. Whether it’s the latest roast from afar or a gadget that makes brewing easier and faster, following these blogs and websites will always keep you in the loop of how to blend.

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