50 Best Cheese Blogs on the Web

Mmm…cheese! Who doesn’t love it? Even hardcore vegans know there’s almost nothing in the world like cheese. Sure, health nuts try to reinvent the sumptuous food with soy or rice milk, but nothing satisfies like a nugget of real cheese made from milk. It may not be the food you can indulge in around the clock, but it can definitely amp up a boring salad or sandwich.

These blogs and websites are devoted to teaching you more about cheese than just what it tastes like. From cheese & wine blogs to sites that tell you how to melt individual types of cheeses, you’ll surely be hankering for a cheesy snack by the time you get to our 50th entry.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About Cheese

Learning about cheeses is a hobby that’s easy to embrace. After all, who doesn’t love learning (and tasting) the differences between buttery and salty cheeses? These blogs and websites will show you the best of cheese.

    1. CurdNerds This is the one-stop blog for all things cheesy. Learn about cheese makers, dairy food science and more.

    2. Cheese Get the 101 on cheese, including textures and tastes that might appeal to you.

    3. All You Need is Cheese Whether you want to explore the accessible or the fancy side of cheese, this site has it all packed into one blog that will keep you busy.

    4. Food Science – University of Guelph Want to know the nitty gritty on cheese? This site breaks down the delicious snack in a scientific way7.

    5. Cheese Underground Cheese lessons from a blogger who was”raised on Velveeta” and now has seen the light. She primarily blogs on cheeses from Wisconsin, so you know it’s good stuff.

    6. Cheese Forum Pull up a chair and chat with fellow cheese lovers. The community on this site is always eager to point newbies in the right direction when learning about cheeses.

    7. Cheese Poet This blogger provides an intense look at cheeses, giving newcomers insight on what makes various cheeses so different from each other (the milk, pasteurization process and more). It’s a must-read for every cheese lover.

    8. Cheese and Champagne It’s nearly a cheese a day reviewed at this blog, which breaks down the notes a cheese hits. The blog also has pairing suggestions.

    9. It’s Not You, It’s Brie This blog is just as brilliant as its name and delves into the science of cheese. From events to book recommendations, it’s a smart blog for learning about cheese.

    10. Madame Fromage Among seasoned cheese lovers, this blog is a favorite. The writer’s from Wisconsin, so you know she has quality picks when recommending a cheese.

    11. How to Learn About Cheese – Affordable Gourmet Food Is being a cheese junkie an accessible hobby? Yes! Learn how to get to know cheese, tell the salty from the buttery and go easy on your wallet as you take on this delicious new hobby.

    12. Cheesemaking Help For those who want to learn how cheese is made or explore how to smoke provolone, this blog walks you through how the experts are doing it and also keeps you updated on cheese news and events in the industry.

    13. So You Want to Be a Cheesemaker? This blogger started his cheesemaking career in Wisconsin and has traveled the globe, improving his craft. If you’re into the work that goes behind creating a perfect cheese, this is the place to be.

    14. Cheese is Alive History lessons in cheese, including why some smell terrible, yet taste amazing.

    15. Cheese Boutique Go along for the ride as this blogger explores the fascinating world of cheese all over the world. While this is a great blog for learning about cheese, those already in-the-loop will appreciate the blogger’s knowledge and tidbits shared about cheese.

Cheese & Wine Blogs

Pairing cheese and wine doesn’t have to be a guessing game. These cheese blogs and websites are your go-to sources on the web for hosting a cocktail hour in style.

    16. Cheese and Champagne Indulge yourself with this amazing cheese blog that gives recommendations for wines, champagnes and other ways to dress up your cheese.

    17. Undertaking Wine For cheese addicts who already know their flavors, this wine blog is an essential read to find the right pairing.

    18. The Wine and Cheese Place This blog is for those already in-the-know with cheeses, and has an extensive list of wines and cheeses even the seasoned cheese lover should try.

    19. Fromage Bob This blog provides in-depth reviews of cheeses and wines, aiming for affordable picks that the regular Joe can enjoy.

    20. Christopher’s Wine and Cheese If you’re just exploring the world of wine and cheese, this blog is a great place to start. The recommendations are accessible, which is a huge plus if you’re in a rural area.

    21. Make Wine and Cheese With Me This blogger ditched her corporate gig and is traveling to learn two fabulous trades – wine and cheese making! She’s an inspiration and her blog is witty and informative for learning about both subjects.

    22. Fork and Bottle This blog no longer publishes, but it’s a fantastic resource for those looking to enjoy cheese with wine or in stellar recipes. Whether you’re already familiar with pairings or are just learning the basics, this is the blog to check out.

    23. Wine Food Pairing From attending events to suggesting pairings for entertaining, this blog goes the distance and discusses exotic picks from all over the world.

    24. Wine Blog This blog is packed with pairing information from professionals, making it a source you can trust. Plus, there are picks for all price ranges.

    25. A Thimble of Cheese If you have a wine and aren’t sure what to pair it with, let this blog be your guide to finding something that will work. There are plenty of cheese reviews allowing you to peruse which may suit your drink.

    26. I Make Cheese This home cheesemaker writes this fantastic blog that will get your taste buds moving. The wine picks are just as good and will have you hankering for a treat every time you stop by to read.

    27. Brooklyn Guy Loves Wine This is one of the go-to wine sources on the web and has pairing tips and restaurant reviews along with wine chatter. It’s a blog that’s updated often, so be sure to check back for learning more on cheese and wine.

    28. Wine Anorak This wine blog is ideal for the cheese lover who already knows what cheeses they love and has the basics of wine down, making it easy to peruse the recommendations on the site.

    29. Wine and Cheese Blog This blog puts pairings front and center, and links to various resources for wine and cheese events going on in the U.S.

Recipes for Cooking with Cheese

Get cheesy with these recipes. Some are low end, others are fancy, but all will get your taste buds going.

    30. Cheese Dream This is a great blog for beginner recipes that are simple and let the beauty of cheese shine through.

    31. All Top Cheese This site is basically a newsfeed for cheese. There’s a constant stream of recipes, for cooks of all levels, all centered around cheese.

    32. Wine Bread Cheese Here you’ll find recipes for delicious cheese-infused dishes like parmesean chicken wings. How’s that for dressing up an old favorite?

    33. The Food Section If you’re looking for a recipe for a particular cheese, it will be easy to find on this site, which cross references recipes and ingredients. The cheese appetizers section is especially appealing.

    34. Daniel Angerer Get ready for easy recipes that implement cheese in a whole new light. Chef Daniel Angerer shows readers how to work with cheese in simple ways that turn out delicious.

    35. eCurry – Marinated Feta Cheese You’ll love this fast recipe for entertaining. It looks (and tastes) like a million bucks without costing an arm and a leg.

    36. A Great Chef – Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Get back to the basics with this delectable recipe of an old favorite. This macaroni and cheese has oodles of real cheese, making it a new experience for those who are used to processed”cheeses.”

    37. Baked Meatballs Stuffed with Roasted Garlic and Cheese Meat, garlic, cheese…what else could you need? Learn this classic Italian recipe that’s easy to pull off and will impress your friends.

    38. Cookography Explore this recipe site for new ideas on what to do with cheese. The cheesy spin on the Cesar salad is easy and delicious since it’s cheesier than what you’re used to in the classic dish.

    39. Cheese a Day This is a blog with a personal edge that makes it enjoyable to read, while learning about cheese and how to moderately implement it into your diet (yes, it’s possible!).

How to Shop for Cheese

How to shop for cheese depends on what you’re using the cheese for. These blogs and websites will walk you through shopping for cheese with know-how.

    40. Big Cheese Stories This blog no longer updates and we aren’t sure why because it’s packed with amazing cheese shopping info. It’s penned by the folks from Murray Cheese in New York City and is just the right read when learning how to shop for cheese.

    41. Tim the Cheese Man If you really want to know everything about finding the right cheese, this blog will help you do it with loads of helpful hints along the way.

    42. Cheese Monger This blog is a fantastic read with mouth watering images of cheeses, salamis, wines, you name it. Cheese Monger is the perfect how-to-shop blog for those who love cheeses and other delicious snacks.

    43. Canyon of Cheese Tips on how to shop for cheese depending on the type of event your hosting and the best ways to serve it.

    44. Master Cheesemaker Book This site is all about cheesemakers in Wisconsin who are creating award-winning cheeses that can step to the dairy France is (literally) churning out. Along the way, you’ll learn cheese shopping tips that will make you a pro.

    45. Cheese: A Journey Real cheese shopping advice from novices gone pro. These bloggers have traveled America visiting dairy farms and have the best cheese recommendations that will suit you.

    46. Cave Aged Tips for the cheese aficionado to consider when shopping and a bevy of cheese recommendations can be found at this blog.

    47. Cheese Chick Cheese Site Get the 101 on cheese shopping from this site, which is packed with recommendations, recipes and tips on how to enjoy cheese.

    48. Cheese By Hand Learn about different cheeses and the work that goes into crafting them by reading the amazing interviews with dairy farmers and cheesemakers that appear on this blog often.

    49. Cheese Chick Blog Keep up with this blogger who is making the rounds to various cheese shops and dairy farms in the States and picks up smart cheese shopping tips along the way. The blog has a personal flair that makes it worth reading often.

    50. Ideal Cheese Blog News and updates on cheese from around the world. This is a great blog to follow once you have a background in cheeses and can keep up with the lingo.

51. The House Mouse The House Mouse blog is a one-stop shop of cheese news, tastings, and fun factoids. Feel free to offer suggestions for new and exciting cheese finds!

Cheese can serve as a quick snack or as the finishing touch on a main course. Whatever you choose to do with it, you can always be sure cheese will satisfy and with the help of these top cheese blogs and websites, you can make informed picks when entertaining or looking to improve your palette.

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