Top 49 Mexican Cooking Blogs

Mexican food is delicious, but bringing the recipes to your own kitchen may be tricky. We all love hitting a Mexican restaurant, big or small, and noshing on enchiladas and fajitas and washing it all down with a margarita. Whether you’re looking to throw a fiesta for a special occasion or just want to bring Mexican food home to shake your nightly dinners, these blogs will help you gather the right ingredients and perfect your technique when cooking up something spicy.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About Mexican Food

Cooking is great because it allows you to bring a new culture into your home without spending a bundle. Learn about the history of Mexican food, its ingredients and the origin of staple dishes with these blog posts and websites.

    1. Nathan’s Comida : Nathan’s blog will make you want to get to the market and back in your kitchen ASAP! We love it because Nathan gives a backstory to many of the dishes he grew up with and explains how his grandmother makes food and why. The blog has a healthy mix of Mexican, Cuban and Spanish recipes.

    2. Big Soccer Forum – Understanding Mexican Cuisine : This is merely a thread at a soccer forum, but it’s packed with information on Mexican and Tex-Mex food and the differences between the two.

    3. Frontera Fiesta : This blog is created by the folks at Frontera Fiesta. It shares recipes and talks about how to entertain with traditional Mexican food.

    4. Food Virgin – Mexican : The Food Virgin is an adventurous blogger who explores new foods for the first time. Read up on how to order Mexican food if it’s your first time dining on the (sometimes) spicy fare.

    5. Mexicoetal : This is one of the best online food stores for sourcing ingredients for Mexican food that you may not be able to find in your local grocery store, depending on where you live. Plus, if you see an ingredient that piques your interest, you can always do a Google search to find a recipe to try.

    6. Mexican Wave – Food : Learn interesting facts about Mexican food and the history behind some of the most popular Mexican dishes nearly all of us enjoy.

    7. Mouthfuls Food Forum – The Mexican Cooking Project : Many Mexican Cooking Project threads have been started at this popular foodie forum. Folks share their tips, suggestions and alterations to creating classic Mexican recipes at home.

    8. Interesting Mexican Cooking Facts : Learn how some ingredients became staples in Mexican cooking and examines some of the common spices used.

    9. Lo Mexicano – A (Relatively) Short History of Mexican Food : This condensed guide gives you everything you need to know about the history of Mexican food. It has surprising facts that will be fun to share with fellow cooks and foodies in your circle.

    10. Alegria in Mexico : Cooks will love this blog because it features great Mexican recipes, but also goes behind the dish to reveal the history and role it plays in the Mexican culture. Blogged by a writer based in Mexico City, it doesn’t get more authentic than this.

    11. Rancho Gordo : This well-known blog is a go-to for those looking to learn about Mexican food and how to cook it. The web store is a great place to visit for finding hard-to-find ingredients and the company’s famous heirloom beans.

    12. Rachel Laudan : This writer discusses two things – food and politics. It’s an interesting niche subject that foodies will appreciate learning when whipping up Mexican food.

    13. Mexico Soul and Essence : Learn the rich history of Mexican food and the new places that the country’s gastronomy movement is going. Like other parts of the world, they’re focusing on locally grown and seasonal ingredients.

    14. Slow Food : This site teaches us the beauty of waiting for good things to come. The purpose of the site is to give readers lessons on food and food production from all over the world, including Mexico.

    15. Good Food Mexico City : This blogger takes you to the capital of Mexico with his food picks and also offers tips on how to shop for Mexican ingredients

Mexican Cooking Blogs

These cooking blogs are devoted to Mexican cuisine. With these blogs, you’ll learn how to create the perfect verde sauce and how long to cook caldo that will impress guests.

    16. Gusta Usted : This site is penned in Spanish, but Google Translator will take care of that if you can’t read the language. It’s authentic Mexican and Spanish cuisine with yummy recipes like chiles rellenos.

    17. Mexican Food Lovers : This site doesn’t update often, but the archives provide fantastic tips for cooking Mexican food. Check out the blog post over a traditional Mexican holiday for innovative entertaining ideas.

    18. Cooking in Mexico Authentic recipes that will make your mouth water can be found at this Mexican cooking blog. While some of the ingredients may be difficult to source, they’ll definitely be worth tracking down once you take a look at what can be done with them.

    19. Mexico Cooks : This blog is reinventing Mexican cooking with interesting combinations, but also reverts back to the classics and shows you how to do the same. A great cook is always learning and re-examining dishes, which makes this blog one of the best resources for learning about Mexican food.

    20. Recipe Reviews – Mexican for Everyday by Rick Bayless : This blogger spent much of 2009 working their way through this Mexican cook book. There are plenty of images and the blogger discusses how easy or difficult a recipe was to pull off.

    21. The Dining Diva – Mexico : This blogger focuses on travel to Mexico and Mexican cuisine much of the time. Enjoy her fabulous stories over the Aztecs and extensive history lessons on certain Mexican dishes that incorporate traditional Spanish ingredients like olives and capers.

    22. Cooking Mexican Recipes : This site brings all of your classic Mexican food and drink recipes to one place, making it your first stop when entertaining with Mexican cuisine. Learn how to create the perfect margarita and enchilada sauce.

    23. About Mexican Food : This About site gives you a look at Mexican food recipes you can try at home. Some are fit for a beginner cook, while others require someone who knows what they’re doing in the kitchen.

    24. Married to a Mexican : This darling blogger makes YouTube videos to give us further instruction on how to create Mexican cake and pumpkin flan. The videos are easy to follow and provide plenty of takeaway information you can use in all of your cooking.

    25. Theresa Cooks : This blogger no longer updates, but the recipes that are left will help you in your Mexican cooking ventures. One of our favorite recipes is spiced cauliflower, which is easy to make as a new side your family isn’t used to.

    26. Emerils – Mexican Food : Emeril and his blogging team know food. At this blog they share food of all types, but the recipes and food experiences will make you eager to experiment with new ingredients commonly found in Mexican food.

    27. Examiner – Mexican Food in Chicago : This writer knows the ins-and-outs of finding Mexican food in the windy city and also breaks down how to use various ingredients in Mexican cooking.

    28. Mexican Foodie : At this site you’ll find endless recipes for cooking Mexican food, such as fajita marinades and basic red salsa.

    29. Mexican Food Recipes : This well organized blog gives you tips on creating classic Mexican food and has plenty of easy recipes for beginners.

Fajita Recipes

Get your kitchen sizzling with these fajita recipes that can be made for a family dinner or a big party with friends.

    30. All Recipes – Fajita Marinade This fajita marinade is a classic, especially if you’re into Tex-Mex cuisine. It incorporates lime, garlic and it’s a winner every time.

    31. Building Bodies – Chicken Fajitas : Even those watching their waistlines can indulge in this healthy fajita recipe that is low in fat and heavy in flavor.

    32. Fajita Recipe – Vegetarian Tricolor Fajita : The smoky flavor means even vegetarians can enjoy”fajitas,” since the right seasonings and grilling technique make veggies flavorful.

    33. Big Oven – Fajita Seasoning : If you’re strapped for ingredients, you’re bound to have these basic spices in your cupboard for creating a simple fajita seasoning that’s a hit.

    34. About Southern Cooking – Chicken Fajitas : This marinade is great for those who prefer chicken to beef when cooking fajitas. While you can the fajitas in tacos, they also spice up a basic sandwich.

Taco Recipes

If your tacos are getting boring, consider trying these recipes that will add some zip to your week night dinner staple.

    35. Fish Tacos with Creamy Chipotle Sauce : These fish tacos are ideal for munching on a hot summer day with a cold beer in hand.

    36. Mex-Recipes – Beef Taco Recipe : This classic beef taco recipe works with spices and nothing comes from a jar, giving the tacos an authentic flavor your family will love.

    37. Tastebook – Brian’s Classic Tacos : These tacos incorporate olives and bell pepper for dimension without any heavy spicy factor.

    38. Taco Recipes – Carne Asada : This traditional Mexican dish gives you beef that is ridiculously tender and juicy, giving you little need for a slue of garnishes.

    39. ChowHound – Frying Corn Tortillas : Tips for getting the perfect fried corn tortilla that won’t fall apart or end up with those crispy edges we all detest.

Mexican Soup and Stew Recipes

These Mexican soup and stew recipes can simmer all day and only get better with time. Best of all, you can whip up a big pot and it can feed a small army throughout the week.

    40. Cooks Caldo de Pollo : This traditional soup is a staple in many Mexican households. It’s cheap, easy to make and is quite nutritious when you break down the ingredients.

    41. All Recipes – Caldo de Res : This beef soup gets its flavor from simmering for a couple of hours. Feel free to throw in whatever veggies you have on hand or prefer to eat.

    42. Group Recipes – Fideo Authentic Mexican Pasta : Fideo is a very, very thin pasta that is done in a tomato sauce that more resembles soup than a sauce consistency. It’s full of flavor and simple to make.

    43. Cooking Nook – Taco Soup : This taco soup recipe is a winner among kids, making it your go-to recipe for picky eaters. It’s also a smart way to develop a child’s palette to get used to new flavors. Cooking Nook also offers a section dedicated to mexican recipes.

    44. Cooks – Mexican Tortilla Soup : Swap your Sunday night chili for this fantastic tortilla soup that is just as filling with a spicy warmth that’s ideal for cold nights.

Mexican Desserts

While Mexican cuisine is known for its spices and hearty dishes, there’s also an array of delicious desserts that will fit any celebration.

    45. Gourmet Sleuth Ancho Chile and Cinnamon Truffles : Can you say amazing? These truffles will impress any foodie crowd due the unique flavors used and the serious kick of spice.

    46. All Recipes – Mexican Wedding Cookies : These traditional cookies are light and perfect for consuming after a hefty dinner with a cup of coffee.

    47. Mexican Dessert Recipes – Flan : Check out this simple recipe for making the classic Mexican dessert that’s found in many restaurants.

    48. All Recipes – Tres Leches Cake : This delicious cake is a winner with almost any audience and is a great alternative to the basic cakes you’re used to.

    49. MexGrocer – Bunuelos : Light, crispy bunuelos are a universally delectable treat that can be made in advance and frozen until you need them. A mix of sugar and cinnamon brings the fried dessert to life.

Learning about Mexican food will give you insight on the history of the food you’re serving family. Mexican food is great fare for entertaining because it is casual and easy to cook for a large number of people. Still, it’s just as simple to create a tasty dinner for two when you’re in the mood for something different and these helpful blogs show you the way.

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