Top 24 Pizza Blogs

There’s nothing quite like a pizza pie. Nearly everyone, young and old, flock to the classic Italian dish that is accessible and easy to make at home. While we don’t all like the same toppings, learning more about pizza is something we all enjoy. Indulge your love for pizza with these pizza blogs and after, we can promise you’ll be craving a slice (if you aren’t already).

General Pizza Blogs

Look to these blogs and websites to learn all about the history of pizza and how to perfect your pizza-making skills.

    1. Serious Eats – Slice : Slice is the online resource for pizza lovers. The site features pizza places from all over the U.S. and also discusses things like the perfect mix of wet and dry ingredients to achieve the ideal dough consistency.

    2. Pizza Radio : Yep, you read that correctly. Pizza Radio is the one podcast dedicated to discussing all things pizza. Listen to weekly interviews with pizza experts and get tips on creating the perfect pie at home.

    3. Passion 4 Pizza Blog This site has a helpful side menu with links to pizzerias by geographic area, which means you can find a fabulous slice no matter where you are. It also goes behind-the-scenes with professionals so you can see the methods used to cook up the perfect pie.

    4. I Dream of Pizza : New York’s #1 website for pizza reviews pizza parlors in and around Manhattan. The site’s been featured in mainstream publications and describes each delectable pie with a great .

    5. Legends of Pizza Blog : Keep up with your pizza news and events going on around the country with this blog. While it isn’t updated often, it does offer fun pizza stories that revolve around the role that food plays in our culture.

    6. Pizza Delivery Stories : If you think a pizza delivery guy experiences scenes seen in those types of movies, you’re wrong. Mostly it’s all about getting lost and getting a pie to folks from all walks of life and this blogger paints a hilarious picture of his pizza delivery exploits.

    7. All Top – Pizza : This is basically a newsfeed for pizza resources from around the web. Check out reviews, get interesting recipes and see who’s tweeting about pizza with the help of this site.

    8. Blog Pizza : This site is devoted to blogging about pizza and that includes pizza news, reviews and how to own a popular franchise. Interested in making a buck from loving pizza? This is your site.

    9. New York Pizza Finder : While this site no longer publishes, it is a good pizza resource for those roaming Florida in search of a slice. Also check out the archived posts for various tidbits on everyone’s favorite meal.

    10. The Rochester New York Pizza Blog : The go-to site for those seeking the best of pizzerias in the Rochester and surrounding area. The writer has a knack for describing pizzas in such a way that you’ll be on your way to making a delivery order before you’re done with the site.

    11. Los Angeles Pizza : This LA-based blogger is on the hunt for the perfect slice of New York-style pizza on the opposite coast. A great resource for those looking for pizza in LaLa land.

    12. DC Elite Pizza : This site is dedicated to the pizza lovers of DC who stick to pizzas created in a wood burning oven only. While its members are experts in making their own pies at home, the only pre-requisite for joining is that you love pizza.

    13. 6 Alternatives to Tomato Sauce : If you’re tired of tomato sauce on your pizza, try out one of these alternatives that are just as tasty. Suggestions include pesto and gremolata.

Specialized Pizza Websites and Recipes

If you’re looking for a unique recipe or local pizza reviews, look to these sites to show you the way.

    14. The Breakfast Pizza Recipe : This recipe calls for quail or chicken eggs on top, making it the ultimate breakfast pizza that’s easy to pull off at home.

    15. How to Grill Pizza : For those who are thin crust afficionados and love making pizza at home, this is a how-to guide to achieving a crispy crust that’s ready in mere minutes.

    16. Home Pizza Chef : If you cook for a family that’s die-hard about pizza, this site will help you explore new recipes that will keep them wanting more. Recipes include a gluten free pizza and herbs and balsamic pizza.

    17. Year of the Pizza : This guy won a year’s worth of free pizza and lived to tell about it. While his reign (and supply of free pizza) is over with, the site is a fun read that deals with pizza as a main subject.

    18. Varasanos Pizza Recipe Jeff Varasano was determined to create the perfect pizza recipe and has achieved it. Try his recipe which takes about 2 minutes to bake (in a ridiculously hot oven) and is comprised of basic ingredients.

    19. 31 Days of Pizza : The celebrate National Pizza Month (it’s October, by the way), this blogger is on a pizza binge to eat a slice a day at pizzerias in and around New York City. He’s been doing it for years, so you know he’s well-versed in the pie!

    20. White Pizza Recipe : If you believe that all pizza must have a red sauce, think again. Here’s a recipe for a white pizza that’s oozing with various cheeses making it a flavorful alternative to the traditional recipes.

    21. About Pizza : Learn your pizza facts from this site. Packed into one website is the history of pizza and recipes and styles of pizza that will expand your pie horizons.

    22. Best Pizza Toppings : Need the best pizza toppings for ____? Find out what the best pizza toppings for a low carb diet, best pizza toppings for grilling and best pizza toppings from the Mediterrenean.

    23. Pizza Therapy If making a pizza pie is a therapeutic event for you, you’re in good company. The folks at Pizza Therapy help every day pizza lovers perfect their technique in their own kitchens and share pizza stories that warm the heart.

    24. Grilled Potato Gorgonzola and Prosciutto Pizza Recipe : Ultra thin slices of potato along with gorgonzola cheese and pieces of shredded prosciutto make this pizza one that will make you venture outside the conventional pizza realm. Best of all, it’s easy to create at home when you’re bored with your usual fare.

Pizza’s a common thread and no matter how much of a health nut you are, it’s likely you give in to your cheesy, crusty cravings once in awhile. Learning the history behind the popular meal and exploring blogs that give you tidbits over pizza will make you the know-it-all in the group the next time you hit up your favorite pizzeria.

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